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Living High Level Wellness: Life Begins at “70”
Finding the means to perfect health and a long life through the use of hands-on healing techniques and coaching

November 17th 2014 - Image that you are approaching your 72nd birthday you suddenly realize that you are feeling more energetic, creative, and alive than you’ve felt for many years. In fact, as you spend time in reflection as you go through your day-to-day activities, you notice you are experiencing increased levels of physical energy, joy and feelings of inspiration that you don’t recall having since your earliest memories, possibly at around 25 or 30 years of age. These feelings increase and intensify as time passes, and you begin to realize that you have indeed been reborn, or some such regeneration that provides mental and physical energy to keep you inspired to begin and to pursue projects that you had previously considered a bit too much for you to begin at that age.
As we celebrate each birthday, we have some preconceived idea of what we will experience as we add more years. We receive information from our family physician, from the ads on TV about pharmaceuticals, and from our families and friends as they also age, and delightfully relate to us what they are feeling, and how we will feel next year, or in ten years, or whatever. The scene seems to be totally laid out before us, as so many around us have arthritis in all their joints, or they have lower back pain, and can no longer pick up heavy items, or they may be suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, or any number of other conditions that from all accounts are the totally normal conditions to expect as we get older.
Well? What if all this information is flawed? How would you feel, if you were to be told that you have been provided with just so much propaganda, and that aging does not really need to produce these conditions, that we have been told these non-truths, for some ulterior motives, or that people have made assumptions that have a faulty basis and that there is really no factual basis for your body to degenerate as you pass each calendar year.
How are you feeling in your body right now? How would you like to be feeling now and how would you like to be feeling as you approach that time in your life that we often consider to be the final chapter, those years between 65 and 100?
What would you say if someone told you that there were no good reasons for your body to degenerate as you turn the calendar pages every December to another year. I’ve been working with Quantum-Touch therapy for more than 10 years now and other forms of energy healing since the early 90’s. For the last several years I’ve been using empathy, self-empathy and NVC practice groups as another powerful form of healing old emotional memories, and have been fully involved in the effectiveness of these practices since experiencing the loss of a number of family members one year ago. I’ve been amazed at how these practices have helped my entire being to rejuvenate and regenerate as the months passed, and I felt lighter, more energized and with greater inspiration and aspirations for the future. My physical body is stronger, more flexible, and my memory and problem solving capacities have been increasing month by month. I had not felt that I was getting older, but I certainly know that I am now looking and feeling much younger.
Clients I’ve seen have had a similar experiences as old physical and emotional scars are energetically healed and no longer impede their ability to look forward to the future with excitement and joy.
Recently, I watched a video of an interview with Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief. His words echo mine as he spoke of the power of holding a positive attitude versus how our cells respond to fear. His words helped me to put more perspective into the concepts we have integrated into our lives that are reinforced daily.
Albert Einstein once said, which is that “the solution to a problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem”.
We have to change our thinking, by changing the messages we are inundated with constantly if we are to find health and wellbeing well into our later years. With the help of Quantum-Touch therapy which helps the body to move into physical alignment and removes the scarring from injuries and surgeries, and NVC which provides for us the means of creating new neural pathways, we take ourselves out of the certainty that we will experience ill health at certain ages. We’ve all witnessed children who have excelled in various ways far beyond that of their peers. If we were to examine their lives, we would not doubt find that someone in their lives was an influence that told them they could do anything they wanted, if they believed that they could. I believe that the same is true for all of us.

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