How You Can Prove To Yourself That You Are Psychic.
The title of this article is self explanatory.

July 07th 2014 - Although we are all psychic, different people trigger at different times. Therefore some people will suspect or know that they are psychic and others will not.

Telling someone who hasn’t triggered their psychic abilities that they are psychic, is like going fishing without a fishing rod - it is pointless.

A person has to prove to him or her self that they are psychic before they can believe that it is so, and in order to do that, they need to have the answers to some questions that will enable them to do so. The first of these questions is “Why do some people consider that they have never undergone a psychic experience?”

Well one of the answers to this is that for millennia, the world has been and is awash with fear based mis-information, spawned by various organisations and individuals, who were and still are threatened by the concept of psychic abilities – hence the phrase use by many a parent or teacher – “it is your imagination”.

As a consequence, some individuals have either closed themselves down or have been closed down. Being closed down doesn’t mean that you are not psychic. It means that you have consciously or subconsciously chosen not to meet your psychic self. Nor does being closed down mean that you can’t open yourself up; you can do so any time.

The next question to be answered is “Why are there skeptics?”

To my mind, skeptics provide an essential and valuable service by highlighting problems within the profession so that those in it can do something about it. People go to a professional psychic for all sorts of reasons, some out of curiosity, others have ‘a need to know’. Their expectations will be mixed and they will have either a satisfactory or unsatisfactory reading.

Examples of an unsatisfactory reading are when a client can’t relate to it on any level or they receive a comfort reading based upon false hope, where they are told what they want to hear and not what they need to hear or those who ask for a prediction that doesn’t materialize.

An explanation for unsatisfactory readings is based around the parallel life phenomena, which is when a psychic unwittingly enters a parallel life of a client, which bears no relation to the one that the reading is taking place in. Entering a parallel life isn’t a problem, it is a gift, but will turn problematic if the psychic isn’t aware that they can access parallel lives.

However, ignorance is no excuse, because it is a psychic's responsibility to questions themselves as to why the information is inaccurate and adjust the reading accordingly. Understandably, having experienced an unsatisfactory reading, some people will become skeptical when it comes to psychics.

Now we move onto “Why do some people believe others are psychic but not themselves”? This is purely down to dis-associated brought on by the fact that psychic ability is elusive, hidden and active within the etherics. Experiencing spiritual phenomena triggers a person’s psychic abilities. Everyone experiences spiritual phenomena in one form or another during their lives, whether they accept this or not is another issues.

However, most people are more concerned with the possibility that if they do share their experiences with others, they themselves will be unkindly judged. Yet due to their own psychic experiences, the very same people can identify and accept psychic ability in others – without judgment.

The last question is “Why do some people try to develop their psychic abilities only to feel that they are not psychic”? Because there are so many myths surrounding psychic abilities, the probability of a person setting him or her self up to fail is very high. Some examples of this are a person having too high or low expectations of them selves and/or Spirit. Another is impatience and then there is trying too hard.

The most damaging in my view is that of comparison, when a person isn’t seeing, hearing or feeling the same entity as someone else in a group – they understandably think it is they who have got it wrong, until they are told otherwise. All these above and more have a role to play in a person losing heart and walking away from their psychic self.

However, you can prove to yourself that you are psychic by answering the four questions I am now going to ask. Before I start, you need to take into account that interacting with Spirit occurs on very subtle levels, that it wasn’t your imagination, that hesitation before answering equates to a ‘yes’, as does only having experienced something once, because once is all it takes. So here we go.

Do you see things out the corner of your eye, such as lights, shadows, or movement, and then you turn around and it’s gone? If yes, you are a peripheral clairvoyant.

Can you picture something in your head, in other words can you visualize? Look around the room now, focus on an item, it doesn’t matter what it is, close your eyes and picture it. If you can do that, you are a third eye clairvoyant.

Can you walk into a room and pick up on an atmosphere? If so you are a clairsentient.

Do you get unassociated thoughts coming across your head and wonder “what did I think that for” or hear bells, your name or someone else’s name being called, when no one else is there? If yes, you are clairaudient.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to just one of the above questions, you have triggered all your psychic abilities, and this is because they are all interrelated. If you haven’t noticed all the tell tale signs it is because you will have dismissed or tried to rationalize them when they occurred.

If you are one of those who haven’t answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions, there are another 8 which can be found in my book “Gift – From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth’ and which may well reveal where your psychic gifts lie. Alternatively, you may not have triggered your abilities yet and if you want to do so then I suggest that you join a spiritual development group, and do so. You can also click onto this page to receive further information regarding those psychic abilities that you have already activated together those skills you haven't yet connected to. You will also be given the names of some of those in spiritual that you are interacting with on a daily basis.

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