Translating Synchronicity
This article explains how to recognise and work with synchronicity so you can benefit accordingly. This article is from the script written for A1R Psychic Radio and therefore refers to the synchronicity that was occurring during that show.

July 07th 2014 - Experiencing synchronicity is apart of our everyday lives and it is one of the commonest ways in which we interact with Spirit.

Synchronicity is the flow of two or more causal events in time and the effect these events have on our lives. If translated, enables us to walk an easier path to our destination – in other words, our destiny. Working with synchronicity is like having a second language and once you become fluent in it you are able to understand the purpose of life at a level that you were unable to do so before.

Causal events affect us, directly or indirectly when they occur. Whether random or planned, they come in all shapes and sizes, some of which can be seen as ‘mistakes’ and others are due to change brought on by circumstances over and above that which we have control.

However from the perspective of metaphysics, there are not mistakes or co-incidences for that matter, therefore, irrespective of whether causal events are random or planned, everything that happens, does so, for a reason.

As causal events occur, they set off a chain reaction, which itself enables synchronicity to contribute toward creating what I call, an individual’s obvious reality.

On the surface of it, these events don’t appear to be connected and therefore we perceive them as stopping where they started. As a consequence, the purpose and meaning held within the chain reaction and the chain reaction itself remains hidden from us. Hidden that is, until you being to connect the causal events on a conscious level, at which time you start to translate synchronicity.

As you translate, the purpose and meaning is revealed and everything becomes clearer because you are being given all the information, confirmation, inspiration and/or enlightenment that you need to develop a greater understanding of life itself.

This understanding creates a second reality, a hidden reality that runs beneath the first, the obvious one.

This evening, as I speak, you and I are creating a chain of causal events that produce an obvious reality. The first three of these events come in the form of:

You who are actively listening to the show.

The A1R production team, who are actively producing tonight’s show
And me, who is actively hosting it.

To translate the synchronicity that we are presently involved in creating, we need to back tract to another causal event which none of you are aware of. It occurred in the obvious reality, when I unwittingly made a ‘mistake’ during last weeks show. The topic for this evening should have been entitled ‘Receiving Information from Spirit’ and not ‘Translating Synchronicity’, which was due to be aired on the 26th June.

‘Mistakes’ made in the obvious reality represent essential actions that need to take place in the hidden reality in order for the future chain of causal events to occur back in the obvious reality. As a consequence, the hidden reality produces many of the scenarios that we eventually play out in the obvious reality and as we do so we manufacture the lives we live.

In the hidden reality, my essential action resulted in you being in the right place at the right time, doing the right activity so you could receive information that you need to hear, before or during the process of you taking the next step along your life’s journey.

Since it is no co-incidence that you are listening to tonight’s show there must be some information in this show that you need to hear. What it is I cannot say and only you will be able to discover what it is.

The hidden reality is an integral part of our being, it is connected to our subconscious and our pre subconscious selves, both of which our higher selves use to connect us to the network of human consciousness. When our higher-selves are in control of us in the obvious reality, we tend to appear not to act rationally and this is one of the reasons it is perceived that we make ‘mistakes’.

So now lets run with this scenario with the obvious reality, where synchronicity is often recognised but it’s purpose and meaning are ignored. Although the regular listeners would be listening to the show tonight, different topics attract at different people. Therefore, although the A1R production team and myself would still be in this time and place, some of you who are listening now, would not be and others who are not, would be.

Therefore both the would and would not be audiences are now creating different obvious realities, which affect anyone they are interacting with, thereby creating different chains of causal events to the ones that would have been taking place had I not made the essential action.

So what is the hidden meaning and purpose to my so-called mistake? I can only answer for myself, and the first insight I received whilst translating synchronicity was a question, which asked “how can anyone receive all the information from Spirit unless they are first aware of the hidden reality?” With the emphasis being on the word all the answer is obvious, they can’t. So to my mind, Spirit made sure I subconsciously changed the topic schedule to run in the correct order.

I am sure that there will be other insights for me to pick up on and I will do my best to run with them as and when they happen. As for all who are listening, it is up to you to reflect upon why it is your higher-selves arranged things as they did so you were able to listen to this weeks show.

Which brings us to how do you translate synchronicity? The only thing you need is your mind, an open mind, that is receptive to the principles of anything can happen and all things are possible. Because we are what we think, when you accept that the hidden reality exists, it does. You can then connect yourself, on a conscious level, not only to your higher self, but also the network of human consciousness.

So you start off by remembering a ‘mistake that you have made, no matter how minor it is. Try not to fall into the trap of justifying your actions or looking for excuses, for by doing so you will simply block your entrance to the hidden reality. Reflect upon how the ‘mistake’ was changed your life and then consider what you think your life would have been had you not made it.

This process is pure conjecture because you will never know for sure, but it should highlight what you need to see. Then go over the events prior to you making the ‘mistake’, including your state of mind at the time, together with the nature of the mistake itself. If you recognised you were stressed or not concentrating at the time you made the mistake, you are on the right track. Since we are not in the blame game, if you consider something wouldn’t have happened if it were not for someone else, you are not on the right track.

By acknowledging you were 100% responsible for making the ‘mistake’ enables you to accept that at the time it was made, it was your subconscious or pre subconscious self that was in charge of your rational self.

Here are some simple examples of ‘mistakes’ we all make from time to time:

You didn’t check an email for typos or other errors before sending it out and the errors changed the context of the content.

You didn’t check that you had your purse before you left home so went without it.

Once you have identified the ‘mistake’ you want to work with, ask yourself why your subconscious would have taken over your rational self. At this point you need to put aside the problems caused by the ‘mistake’ and focus upon the advantages that materialised as a result of it. As you do, you enter the hidden reality where your ‘mistake’ transforms into an essential action.

So using the ‘mistake’ examples above, here are some of the reasons why it was necessary for the essential actions to be made.

Because you forgot to check the email

Maybe unwittingly changing the context save you a costly problem later on down the line.


the points lost due to the change in the context were more valuable when they were raised at a later date.

Now with regard to the purse.

Maybe it reminded you that you should be spending money


When you got back to get your purse you were there to receive an unexpected visitor.

Rather than or as well as trying to make amends or beating yourself up, you need to recognise the advantages of your essential actions and then follow through with them. Then you can benefit from accessing the hidden reality.

It can take hours, days, weeks and sometimes months before you receive clarity, but if you keep your mind open, what is hidden will eventually be revealed and provide you with the information or what ever it is you need when you need it.

Translating synchronicity enables you to recognise that there is another and usually better way of handling the situation. When you are aware that the hidden reality is what drives life, not the obvious you can gain more control over your life, which can then result in you being able to enjoy your journey as you walk toward your destination. This is because you find yourself going with rather than against the flow of life itself.

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