Afterlife - What is it real and what is illusion?
Shortly after my son crossed over I began to have many experiences showing me the truth about the other side.

January 22nd 2016 - Afterlife – What is real, what is illusion? What is truth, what isn’t?

This first part was written shortly after my son, Bennett, crossed over in 1997:

I keep thinking about the week after Bennett died (11/08/1997) – we drove to Atlanta to the Primerica Building near Gwinnett Mall to pick-up the money from his Life Insurance Policy. That in itself put me in an altered state, it was surreal to be picking up the insurance mind was already having a hard time processing that information. Ed dropped me off at the entrance; I walked into the lobby and waited for him to park the car. The whole building was made of mirrors and glass, inside and out.

I was facing the receptionist’s desk and I looked at the mirrored wall behind her. Looking at her, what I saw behind her was someone driving in the circular driveway, getting out of their car walking up the walk to the entrance of the lobby where I stood. It looked like I could touch the person coming up the walk. However, I was looking at them being reflected in the glass and mirrors. In “reality” they were on the complete other side of me (to my back) walking in.

Because I was already altered, my mind could hardly take in the sensory images from all the mirrors, I felt like I was suspended between realities. I was being shown that being on the other side was just like that illusion in the glass, in the mirror. Which scene was really true and which one was false? It was very hard to tell. I felt like I could have reached out my hand and touched the man in the glass, when in fact he was behind me and coming in from the opposite side of the building. Such an illusion, I was being shown that dying or going to the other side was just like looking in that mirror. It was that easy to reach out to the other side.

Are we the illusion or is the other side the illusion. Both or neither? Who is to know? Who is to care? Does it make a difference? It was a magical moment. I stood there transfixed on the images, knowing that Bennett or the other side was trying very hard to let me in on the TRUTH. And because my mind was so altered it all made perfect sense.
After that experience I became very curious about mirrors. I know that Louise Hay in her seminars has people look in a mirror and talk to themselves, saying “I love you” over and over again to help build their self-esteem.

I started to study my image in the mirror. Asking the question, “which is the real me and which is the illusion” I decided to merge the two, intuitively knowing that I would or could pull all of my parts together and make myself stronger by uniting both parts.

Somehow areas where we are inadequate or missing pieces can be joined together by using both imagines. The exercise completes us so that we can become stronger and use all of our being at once. It is an experiment, interesting to do and even more interesting to see the results in our everyday lives.

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