How Psychic Ability and Metaphysics Can Help You Live Your Life
This article provides you with the information and explanations that you need to have as to why it is important to develop your psychic abilities and how by doing so you can self-empower.

June 05th 2014 - So, where to start? Well to my mind, there are two things that need to be taken into account when talking about psychic ability. The first is that the more you know, the more there is to know. The second is that we are all unique, so when it comes to discovering your own psychic abilities, there is not a right or wrong way, only your way and your way is right for you.

There are countless benefits to be gained from using your psychic abilities in your everyday life, but bottom line, doing so enables you to approach any situation from a different perspective, and benefit accordingly. However, there are always challenges when starting something new, and the one that most people experience is that they don’t know where and how to start.
Well, for those who haven’t yet taken the plunge, you may think that the first step would be to identify which psychic abilities you possess and then develop them. A much easier approach is to consider that you possess the full range of psychic abilities, because we all do, and then start with the one that you are drawn to or feel most comfortable with.

Your second step is to recognise that there are many paths that lead to what I call ‘The Psychic Self’. You need to ask yourself the question “how do I know if I am finding my way or whether I am simply following another’s?”
Well, one answer to this complex question is that the more you find yourself disagreeing with others, the harder you are working to discover your unique way of working. What you are actually doing, maybe without realising it, is dismissing what you feel isn’t intrinsically right for you. So, through the process of elimination you are finding your way and this is a perfectly valid way of working.

Whilst you are going through all this, you may well notice that you are becoming aware. This awareness can take the form of your intuition becoming stronger, starting to notice things you didn’t see before and/or questioning what you once accepted.

The reason why this is happening is because you have activated your sixth sense, innate extra sensory perception. Your sixth sense enables you to receive information through your mind and not through your physical senses. When all six senses are combined they create a doorway to the seventh sense, which itself leads to the 8th and on it goes until the Divine Source is revealed. The Divine Source takes the format of what or who ever you would like it to be, or not, the choice is yours.

As each sense is revealed to an individual, the consciousness of the human races evolves. Therefore, psychic ability is no lesser or greater a gift than any other of the five senses, which are sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. I’m of the opinion that our sixth sense and our survival instincts walk hand in hand with each other. Together they create a successful co-dependent relationship that enables the human race to exist. Logic demands that since we all have a need to survive we are all psychic.

Fortunately, thanks to freewill you have a choice as to whether you want to draw upon this ability or not. I call those who choose not to work with their psychic selves, The Grounded Ones. Make no mistake, such people are just as spiritual and follow their gut feelings as much as psychics do. The difference is that they do not build upon their psychic selves in the same way as those who are drawn to do so.

As we already know, different isn’t any better or worse – it is what it says on the label – different. Those who choose the grounded path are no lesser for doing so. Many of those who are grounded have a stronger connection to the earth's energies than those who are actively psychic. Visa versa, those who express themselves through their psychic abilities have a stronger connection to the cosmic energies than the grounded ones.

In fact, the grounded ones are an essential part of our spiritual evolvement and without them our psychic selves would not function properly. There would be no emergency grounding energy for psychics to draw upon when their own ground has failed them – and such times do occur, no matter how experienced a psychic is. The grounded ones provide an emergency grounding services for psychics who need more grounding that they themselves can supply through their individual connection to the earth. This service is necessary because the more you are grounded the more psychically aware you become and the higher and further you – and let's face it, all psychics potential space cadets – we need additional grounding at times. A psychic’s grounding fails whilst working with Spirit because Spirit is the stronger of the two. If there were no emergency grounding to call upon, you would be away with the fairies in an instant and although it is a nice place to visit, it would soon lose its appeal if you stayed, I can assure you.
In other words, the only defense any psychic has from being sectioned is grounding. Just to put this into perspective, examples of being ungrounded are hysteria, phobias and panic attacks. The more consciously aware you are of the importance of grounding and how it can benefit you on a practical level, the more you take responsibility for grounding yourself and the less you draw upon the emergency grounding supply.

The other reason why grounding is so important is because of your soul energy, which is a part of the human condition. Your soul energy has an eternal life of its own and is therefore a part of but separate from your psychic self. The eternal life is a rich exciting, hidden and therefore a mysterious life, which runs parallel to your own. It doesn’t break with the end of each lifetime but continues a like a river running through all of your lives, connecting one to the next. When you decide to develop your psychic self, you do not only begin a journey of self-discovery but also start to interact with your soul energy and journey with it. Therefore, you experience your psychic self through your thoughts, actions, passions – and on occasion – through your fears. Many, including myself, consider psychic ability to be the source of both our inspiration, imaginings and our dreams, yet therein lies the rub. Because all three lie within the domain of the psychic self, they are considered by their very nature to be pretend.
Unless you acknowledge your psychic self, you will always be doubting your psychic abilities and therefore unable to receive the information that your psychic self is trying to tell you through your dreams and imaginings. You may well also limit, if not extinguish your ability to receive inspired thoughts. Accept that dreams and imagination are the words used to describe that which is there, but cannot be seen, touched, heard or tasted and you will enter the realms of spiritual science and metaphysics.
Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy and focuses on the question of being. What lies waiting to be discovered by you, within the realms of being, is that of who you are and why you are here. Working with your psychic self on a conscious level can provide you with the information you need to discover who you are, your purpose, as well as that which helps you live your life. If you have found your purpose, then your challenge will be to keep it.

As you put into being your imaginings, pretence becomes reality, fiction becomes non-fiction and some dreams become true. This transformation occurs because you undergo a fundamental change of perspective, which in turn changes how you think. Since we are what we think, you start to see the world in which you live in a very different life. This change needs to be both controlled and managed by you using grounding and good old common-sense. What we think is influenced by a combination of environment and the culture we were brought up in, together with that which we have personal experience of.

What we have not experienced we can only imagine and thus it stays within the realms of the psychic self until such time that the alchemy of being transforms it into a reality.
The upshot of all this is, change your thoughts and you change your reality, for the better or worse. Embrace and use the knowledge contained within your psychic self for your better good and you can become self-empowered. Becoming self-empowered is the first step to you creating a life, your life, which is built on the principles of mind, body, spirit, work rest and play. A life that you are in control of, as much as anyone can be, rather than your life being in control of you. By living such a life you can become the best of who you are. However, developing your psychic abilities isn’t an easier path to tread than those who do not. At times, this path may well take you to the depths of despair. At such times you are not properly grounded and in some circumstances, not grounded at all. Nevertheless, you are learning about yourself and other and that is really what it is all about.

Your spiritual helpers are always there for you, and are ready to spring into action without a moments hesitation. They are waiting for you to ask them to help you and if you do, one way of receiving this help is through your 6th sense. It probably won’t come when you want it and it may not come in the manner you originally envisaged, but again it will come in the format that you need, when you need it and from unexpected sources, including the grounded ones whose expertise lie in practicalities. By asking for help you are showing that you do not only have faith in humanity, but in yourself and therefore in Spirit. Yet, neither your spiritual or grounded helpers can assist you to raise yourself up unless you are prepared to help them help you. By having faith in your self you are also embracing your psychic self and by doing so you enter the metaphysical state of being on a conscious level.

As you continue to rise you may well undergo a range of emotional, physical and spiritual experiences, some of which can leave you feeling ecstatic due to spiritual highs, others may be feelings of indifference and some leaving you feeling lost or depressed and wondering what it is all for. These experiences are all part of the process of living your life. Some are the result of you being encompassed by a Divine Love, a love that shows you ho to love yourself. This love may be a tough love at times but it is effective if you can accept it for what it is. Others will be due to you recognising your challenging side and wondering how on earth you are going to be able to face your self each day. Then there is the fear that once you have been in the presence of Divine Love, that you feel you are not worthy of it or you will never feel it again.

Despite all this, as you learn to love yourself, you also learn to discover what it means to be who you truly are, which is a child of Divine Spirit. Once you start to love who you are, you can forgive and be more tolerant and patient with yourself and therefore others. By forgiving others you allow yourself to connect to your Self-Divine and this coupling enables your purpose in life to be revealed. It is then that you start to understand what it is all about it is all about you, and that is because one person can make a difference. When you recognise your true self worth you are therefore able to live an enriched, accomplished and contented life because you are able to meet and overcome the challenges that life brings with it – and that is ‘How Psychic Ability and Metaphysics Can Help You Live Your Life”.

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