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March 16th 2014 - What to Expect & NOT to Expect from a Reading

Whether you want a reading for yourself, your pet or a loved one that has crossed, please read the following to help understand what a reading is and what it may consist of. I’ve outlined this page mainly for a pet reading, however some of it applies to any reading I’m doing.
When I read an animal, I first ask a few questions about the animal. It is helpful to me so I know I'm connecting with the right animal. I’ll ask their name, breed and age, which is helpful in connecting with them.
Asking specific questions about your pet facilitates a reading and gets answers quicker. Animals do not always talk about your areas of concern nor do they always see life as you do.
My ability to comprehend what the animal is telling me is increased if I first have your information about any health or behavior problems. I can then get the animals' viewpoint. Just asking if the animal about pain or if something is wrong with them isn't necessarily productive, especially if they don't feel something is wrong with them.
While I can usually perceive many things from an animal at the first connection, I do not necessarily know all the details of their lives and feelings until I ask about them. This would be like meeting you and knowing everything about you at that first meeting. This may happen in the television movies and programs, but it doesn’t happen that way in life.
There will be some details that you think are important that your pet may not so they won’t mention them. This doesn’t mean we haven’t communicated, it means what is important to them is different from what is important to you. In a reading we go from what is already known about the animal to what is unknown, so be open minded to help enhance this communication.
This direct communication can give a whole new outlook on your animal and their problems and concerns. Pets are usually grateful to have their humans understand them better. I help you work to resolve misunderstandings and behavior problems. Sometimes I can advise on nutritional needs and I work with you to help you restore, clear and clean your pets’ energy system through energy work.

Above all, don't expect me to tell you every detail that has happened to your pet in its life. Your pet will tell me what they want me to tell you. Many pets, just like humans, can't remember everything that has happened to them nor do they tell me everything from the past. The past is usually important to an animal when there has been abuse and they want their new owner to understand where they’re coming from and why they act a certain way. The present is more important to them and that’s what they focus on.
I never predict death. Death has a free will around it and even an animal can change their mind about crossing over. I can give a general outlook on the pets’ health and an approximate time they might want to cross but I don’t get in the way of their free will or anyone’s free will for that matter.
Please remember that no matter what someone tells you is going to happen, you have the choice to change your path and the free will to stop it. Not even the best psychic can make something happen if you choice to use your free will and change it. Please remember that!
So have an open mind, a positive attitude, whether you believe in animal communication or not, and I think you will find your consultation interesting, helpful and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

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