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Finding lost pets

March 16th 2014 - Finding Lost Animals

Finding a lost animal is one of the hardest things for an animal communicator. That’s why not many do it.
Lost pets are usually on the run and in a panic. To get clear, precise pictures of where they are is hard because they’re sending pictures very quickly. This quick information is sometimes incomplete. Many times I only get a quick glimpse of what they’re seeing or where they are.
When on the run, they may show me pictures of where they found food or water or shelter. This can be helpful but because they’re always moving, by the time the owner gets to this place, the animal is gone
A pet might be out having a good time and not even think they’re lost, so they don’t care about sending information. Sometimes a pet is ready to pass and they run away to do it their way. This is very hard for us to understand but many times an animal feels the need to just go off by themselves and die. Animals think differently than humans.
Being on the run puts them in a survival mode. This makes them do things we don’t understand. People ask, “Why don’t they just come home?”
The path back home has many different smells, movements, other animals, people and all kinds of things that will make them stray from their path.
An animal communicator can only tell you what the animal is telling them. It could be very clear pictures or it may not be anything at all.
The owner should stay calm and start sending the pet telepathic messages about coming home.
I’ve found if the owner sends messages to the pet, the pet will calm down and many times find its way home. Your pet already knows your energy so he’s getting familiar messages that will help him think more clearly.
Some animals run away because they’re unhappy or don’t want to be in that home. We as humans may think that’s horrible but there are animals that just want to be free or by themselves. These animals will either tell me they don’t want to come home or will not give me any information as to where they are. I hope this will help you understand what an animal communicator has to go through to truly get a picture or message from a lost pet.

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