Balance Crucial To Receive
Both Dr. Joy Pedersen as well as Archangel Michael comment on the importance of balance and self love to be able to adequately receive.

March 02nd 2014 - We are often trained to give and put others first. Making others a priority over you, however, may be contributing to your blocking what you are meant to receive.

Often the preferences and needs of others have come before our own. What does it do to the self? How do you end up feeling about yourself and your own self worth? It often comes with an underlying teaching of you aren’t enough, valuable enough, important enough or a priority. Thoughts like “you don’t matter” or “others are more important than you” can end up becoming core beliefs that operate throughout your life, your choices and experiences.

These thoughts often undermine the efforts you put forth to make yourself happy or achieve a goal. It ends up causing self sabotage to some degree. It may be completely subconscious, but as the subconscious holds the programming behind your results, it creates your experiences.

I want to invite you to consider you are as important as others and to make sure you take care of your own life as you weigh the needs and requests of others. It is important to take your needs into consideration and not self sacrifice.

The empowered way is to consider your own needs and preferences as well as graciously considering those of others and create and win/win situation. As I have often put the needs and priorities of others before my own, I have now come to see the light and benefit of creating a balance between giving and receiving. Sometimes receiving is giving oneself the time necessary to do what you need for yourself.

Archangel Michael channeled his perspective to me which took the concept even further:

You are a most precious child of the Creator loved beyond the imaginable.

What you do to yourselves, however, is often unloving. You treat your neighbors better than you do yourself many times.

I see your pain. I hear your anguish.

You want more for your lives but not sure how to get it. It starts with the love of self from within your own heart.

Treat yourself as the most important being on the planet. Put yourself first. Not in a selfish way but because you are honoring the self.

Life was not meant to be about self sacrifice. Self sacrifice has caused more harm to humanity than you would ever realize.

By denying the self, you deny the Creator within. By not putting yourself first and loving yourself enough, you deny the Creator and why He put you on this earth. He wants you to be, do and have what is possible for you by divine right. You deny yourself what the Creator has in store for you by not allowing yourself to be a priority.

If you won’t love yourself enough, please allow me to love you in your place. Honor yourself, your heart, your hopes and your dreams.

You deserve everything that you desire within your own heart. Deny yourself no longer.

I am here with you as is your Creator.

Peace be with you.

Archangel Michael

Joy Pedersen, is an angelic channel, doctor of divinity, licensed spiritual healer and coach and certified law of attraction practitioner helping individuals and businesses by telephone or Skype™ achieve even more success quicker and easier. She is the author of Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures From Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and as well as founder of Express Success LLC. Dr. Joy offers a free mini e-course on success on relationships, money and balance at

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