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Temporary Symptoms of Awakening
There are certain signposts of awakening, symptoms which may arise. It is likely that you will experience some, but not all of these signposts. All of them are temporary and the mastery of essential energetics may shorten the duration and lessen the intensity of the symptoms

January 04th 2014 - As you move more and more deeply into your inner being, your body, your life, your emotions, your soul all seem to be changing rapidly and dramatically. Every day, something new bubbles up. How do you know if what you are feeling is something that needs to be addressed or simply the effects of awakening?

There are certain signposts of awakening, symptoms which may arise. It is likely that you will experience some, but not all of these signposts. All of them are temporary and the mastery of essential energetics may shorten the duration and lessen the intensity of the symptoms.

Some experience temporary pain in the shoulders, neck and back as a result of the deep genetic changes. As the past is released, you may feel it as it rises to the surface on the way out of your body. This may be felt as a deep inner sadness or heightened emotionality for no apparent reason. Do your best to simply allow this with no judgment.

Feelings of loneliness may be intense because you are leaving so much behind. Allow it to flow through you with no judgment. This may soon be replaced by a love and light, sweet and radiant, earmarking your new level of consciousness. This loneliness may also be accompanied by home-sickness, a deep desire to return home. Feel this with no judgment. You have already been experiencing moments of reunition with your home of the past. Do you think you originally came from here? It has only been a temporary dwelling place for your temporary physical body. As you get closer to the realization of who you really are, all else pales in comparison. In fact, you may lose interest in the things of life which previously occupied you as you sense their lack of substance and reality. As this symptom emerges, do try to stay in touch with your sense of compassion. Allow your temporary lack of passion as it will eventually be replaced by an incredible joy of meaning as you realize that the energy behind these illusions is an incomparable essence which must be nurtured and loved…but for its essence, not for the senseless form it sometimes takes.

Your body may begin to change as your DNA is recoded and brought into closer alignment with the being you are evolving into…or, perhaps more accurately, allowing and remembering. Temporary symptoms such as itchy skin irritations may arise. Let it go with no judgment. It is what it is. There may be a sense of physical disorientation or vertigo as your body seems to float between the old you and the new you. Try to stay grounded if this happens. Good, solid grounding will ease this transition. And, allow yourself to feel disoriented for a short while.

Your sleep patterns may shift. Much work is occurring, much of it in the early hours of the morning. Paradoxically, this may cause you to ‘wake up for a rest’ now and then throughout the night, most commonly between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. While asleep, your dreams may be extremely lucid and intense. Old memories are surfacing and smashing into the subconscious mind, challenging it to let go and grow.

As you move into the new energetic, many who are in the process of awakening will talk to themselves. You are not going crazy. So much internal communication is going on that it is bound to heighten your external conversations, a type of sorting process, if you will. Allow this with no judgment.

The third eye is opened, that chakra in the center of your head which assists you in perceiving those things of Spirit which may have previously eluded you. This too may come with temporary side effects. Your ears may ring. There could be sinus problems or headaches in the upper part of your head. There may be cramping or pain in the left calf of your leg or at that small triangular spot at the base of the sacrum. All of this is relatively minor and will soon pass away.

Lots of things are changing. As old karmic patterns are transmuted, there is often a withdrawal from old family relationships and a re-alignment with new relationships which serve you better in the role you are currently embodying. If there is a lag time between the old and the new, take heart. This will pass. The inevitability of the dark void is highly over-rated. Simply continue to affirm the joy and this is what you are sure to manifest. The joy of the new will be worth the wait.

Jobs, career and life purpose often shift as well. Choices in the past have been based on material gain, recognition and service of the egoic mind. Let those choices go with no judgment. Now, you will shift into the service of love, God and humankind. Once again, if there appears to be a void as the old transitions into the new, hold to your truth as a creator. Be patient as what you are now choosing to create manifests before you. It will come. Have faith in your true nature as a creator.

It truly is your choice. Are you ready to begin this new life? Are you ready to take on the challenges of moving into the new energy. You have come so far already. You are never alone. It is worth the trials, worth the effort and the trust. It is worth the surrendering of your ego. It is a good choice.

As you reconnect with your truest essence, you will experience the blissful wonder of merging with your Soul. As you aspire to lift your vibrations to the fifth dimensional awareness of the Ascended Masters, remember this. Since, in truth, there is no such thing as time or space, there is an aspect of yourself that has already arrived. You are already an Ascended Master, one with God. As each crystal drop of water is essential to the nature of the ocean, you are essential to God and all of humanity as you surrender to the glory which is within you. The Beloved, God, You, All One. The Divine is so achingly beautiful. Choose the Beloved; claim the Beloved; be One; be the One. Be love, all love, for in truth, is there anything else?

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