"It's that time of the Year" ( poem)
Humorous Christmas Poem

November 21st 2004 - IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR.
By Renate Bodden Nov.2004

Oh boy, it’s that time of the year again,
When the Humans go crazy and bring in that Tree,
They hold up the cats and say” sniff, aah, there can’t you see.”
They look at me with those funny eyes, and I can’t help but think,
Is it going to be the same? Am I going to get the blame?
“Don’t get close to that Tree, and for goodness sakes don’t P.”
Well if I can’t do that, why did you bring it in the house?
Do you expect me to be as quiet as that silly little church mouse?
For once the house smells like a forest, all crisp and clear.
Please look into my eyes, I’ll be good I promise, see I’m sincere.
Here come the decorations, balls, ribbons and now the light,
Boy, I’ll even find the cats now, the room is so bright.
Everything is quiet; the Humans have gone to bed,
What’s that, I see one of the cats peeked out her head,
Tiptoeing, tail up high,
Making those funny sounds, that little cat cry.
One leap, there they go
The Tree, begins to fall, ever so slow,
I can’t help but bark and chase them all over the room,
There comes the lady of the house with that awful broom,
“Just once I wish you animals would leave the tree alone, “
Low and behold she smiles at me and says, “ I saw, it wasn’t you”
And she gives me a big bone.

I guess it will be a great Christmas after all.


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