One Special Night ( poem)
Special Poem about Christmas past and present

November 23rd 2004 - ONE SPECIAL NIGHT

Christmas, Weinacht, Noel, Navidad, whichever word you use to describe this special night

To us was brought a Gift of love and light.

For on this night, Breath was given to a New Life

Our lives have become one of haste,
Hurry, hurry, no time to waste,
Money, speed, sometimes greed,
Has become the order of the day,
Here is the Mailman with another bill to pay.

And on this special night a child was born.

Rush to work, pick up the kids, prepare a meal,
He looks is the mirror, is that really me?
No time to reflect, need to get a Christmas tree.

The Babe, in a make shift crib, blankets tattered and torn.

Rush and haste, I can’t take it anymore,
I’m tired of “ keeping up with the Jones’s”
Tired of keeping score.
He stood on the stool, decorating the Christmas tree,
Thinking, how did all of this come about, what is happening to me?

The father’s heart filled with love as he held the child tightly in his arms.

Tears welled in his eyes as he thought of Christmas’s past, where Dad put the finishing touches on a toy,
And Mother burned another batch of cookies,
Oh, boy.
A smile came to his face, as his memories turned to thoughts of joy,
And he began to put the finishing touches on his own son’s toy

The father kissed the babe, hummed a lullaby and gently placed the child back in his crib.

He finally found peace as he learned to open his Heart,
And realized that materials things, possessions in life just play a small part.

It’s love, giving and sharing
Tenderness, kindness and caring.

These are the gifts we sometimes forget to give,
Yet, these gifts are exactly the ones we need in life to live.
He looked as his family and his heart swelled with love,
As he finally understood the meaning of the gifts from the Heaven’s above.

The fathers tucked in their children on those starry crisp nights, present and past
Knowing that the Gift of love and light in our hearts forever
will LAST.

Merry Christmas, Frohe Weinacht, Feliz Navidad,


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Renate Bodden, Naturopath, C-IAYT,E-RYT, Certified Tai Chi Master Instructor.
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