Time for a Bach
Using Bachflower Therapy to overcome Holiday Stress

November 21st 2004 - TIME FOR A BACH


By Dr. Renate Bodden N.D.

Ah it’s the Holidays, sailing the Seven Seas,
Serenity, Peace, and a gentle Caribbean Breeze.
“Hello”, Oh hi Dear, What’s that I hear?
You’re spending the Holidays with us this year?
Your son is bringing his new dog
And his little brother his pet frog?
As I get off the phone my stomach in knots,
Better go to the garage and get the extra pots.
I see my husband, his face beams
“Guess what honey, this year it seems
We’ve been chosen to host the company office party
For everyone to be merry and eat hearty.
You need to get a new holiday dress,”
Thanks for the thought, now I’m really under stress.
Depressed, giving up the dream of sailing the seven seas,
Seems I have a family to please.
Renate Bodden.

My poem depicts a fictitious family holiday scene, which shows how certain situations can affect the emotions, to the point of causing the holiday F.A.D.S
The root causes of F.A.D.S can go quite deep, sometimes as far back as adolescence and childhood. Let me illustrate by breaking down F.A.D.S.

A constrictive physical feeling, caused when we try to resist
more or less unconsciously- an event that we know or assume
can cause us suffering or pain.
There is fear of failure, fear of situations, due to lack of
confidence, fear of unresolved traumas. Some Flower Essences
for this category are: Larch, Mimulus, Aspen, Rock Rose, Cerato.

Can manifest itself as irritability when we are forced to deal with
something we cannot cope with. We can become angry because
of annoyances, impatience, having to rush. Flower Essences to
help with situations of Anger: Holly, Willow, Centaury, and Beech.

Result when important Life affirming impulses or needs that are
crucial to our happiness are suppressed. We can become
depressed because of feelings of guilt, fear of failure,
Hopelessness (lack of trust in one’s own judgement)
Loneliness. Flower Essences that can help with Depression:
Mustard, Gorse, Scleranthus.

Stress is a sign that we have passed the limits of what we can safely
achieve. It can be due to overwork, suppressed emotions, too much
pressure or a compulsion to achieve. Even short periods of stress can
make us ill. Essences to help with stressful situations: Agrimony,
Oak, Vervain, Wild Oat.

What can be done if we are faced with this type of situation where emotions are so affected to cause us Dis-tress?

The first thing we can do is calmly assess and acknowledge what we are feeling, e.g. fearful, angry, anxious, depressed, sad, overwhelmed; then, why are we feeling this way? are we forced to do something we don’t want to? Is it our spouse, children, employer, parent, because of being overweight, have financial problems, or a past experience? At this point it is very important to be completely honest with ourselves and by doing so we have reached the ½ waypoint to wellness.

The next step is to change our perception of the situation/situations. Dr .Bach’s Flower Remedies are an excellent catalyst to accomplish this. The remedies assist in adjusting ones Attitude from a negative to a positive. When we are armed with a more positive Attitude we are able to view Life with a broader and more adaptable perspective and any negative can be reversed into a positive.

Using MRT (Muscle Response Testing – ref: my article in June’s issue of Indigo Sun) the appropriate remedies can be mixed together to treat and strengthen that particular emotional Root, which indicates a weakness; thereby preventing F.A.D.S.

Is it then Time for a Bach during the Holiday Season? Dr Bach’s Therapy and Remedies are always effective when we need to stabilize and balance the emotions, especially also for children and even animals, the excitement of the Season can bring forth-different emotional behavior. A few drops of “Rescue Remedy” diluted in some spring water can work wonders to calm.
(For more specific children needs, I would recommend Bach Flower Therapy/Counseling and MRT Testing)

So, now better equipped with a higher level of Awareness, the knowledge
that the Power is within all of us to change ones attitude and see the positivity of a situation, (with as little help from Dr Bach’s remedies) the Holiday Season can be, what it should be, Fun, Happy, Joyous and filled with Love.


Renate Bodden N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy) Specializes in the Treatment of Emotional -Psychological Issues andTrauma using Dr Bach’s Therapy and his world-renowned Bach Flower Remedies. Renate has used the remedies on herself, children and clients successfully for years. They are safe, non-toxic and effective

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