F.A.D.S. More than just a passing Feeling?
the benefits of using Bachflowers in overcoming situations of Stress, Anger, Fear. etc.

November 21st 2004 - F.A.D.S. TM

Dr. Renate Bodden, N.D

“ Ja Du bist eine Frau, wir Maenner verstecken unsere Emotionen”. (Well, you are a woman; we men hide our emotions.) These words came from a German male friend of mine, as we discussed healing emotional issues. This reaction is not unusual, actually very common in any language and in western culture. And yet the state of our emotions affects us all, every day of our lives.

A baby’s first cry, the pain of a broken leg, the stress of losing a job, the frustrations of every day traffic, the sorrow when a loved one leaves us, etc. How we think and react to our daily emotional confrontations can be an asset, or one of our biggest challenges.

Is there then a connection between Mind and Body? In our western culture, science has separated the two. Other cultures in the world, for example, the ancient Chinese, developed the Chinese Five-Element Theory based on the Belief that the Energy of the Mind and Body exists as one. The late Dr. A. Beardall originator of Clinical Kinesiology (energetic muscle testing) incorporated the Chinese Five Elements Theory into Clinical Kinesiology testing, to assess emotional states in the body. Over the next decades several Doctors explored better understanding of the critical role emotions play in the well being of the physical body.

More than fifty years ago, Dr. Edward Bach of England developed “ FLOWER THERAPY”
He felt that the personality and attitude of a person played a very important role in recovery and healing. Dr Bach felt that dis-ease was a conflict between the soul, mind and body
Dr. Bach’s research led him to the discovery of 38 Flower Remedies that would work on the different personalities. Thereby helping to restore emotional balance relieving physical manifestations of problems that are often psychic or emotional in origin (F.A.D.S.) Dr. Beardall, studied Dr. Bach’s theories and remedies and found them to be a successful adjunct for Clinical Kinesiology testing. (Energetic muscle testing)

Using Kinesiology allows me to determine an electromagnetic or energetic imbalance in the body on an emotional level; the indicator muscle (arm) is used to give a positive or negative response. Each time a Bach remedy is tested the indicator muscle will give me a response. In order to put a specialized mix together for my client I need a positive response at all times once that mixture is determined I then use the indicator muscle (arm) response again to test dosage. This testing method and the energetic feedback given by the indicator muscle assures me that the mixture will have the required effect (positive) on the emotions of my client.

Dr Bach’s Flower Remedies, are made from the petals of flowers, except Rock water, this essence is made from the waters of a rock spring, energized by the sun. The healing properties unique to each plant are the result of the effects of the sun. The remedies are all natural, safe, non-toxic and non-habit forming.

The most famous of his remedies, “Rescue Remedy,” is a combination of 5 flower essences which can be taken on it’s own or mixed. They are: Cherry plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, This combinations has been used in countless emergency situations and often works wonders. It belongs in every emergency kit, at home or in the car. Its use: Accidents, collapse, anger, panic, all type of injuries, etc. It calms, stabilizes and heals.

At the beginning of this article I asked the question, F.A.D.S. MORE THAN JUST A PASSING FEELING? My answer is yes. The cause of F.A.D.S. can be deeply rooted in our psyche .I feel strongly that Dr. Bach’s Therapy is very effective in the treatment of F.A.D.S. as the remedies can help normalize the psychic disruptions and stabilize or eliminate psychic weak points.

An additional reason why the remedies work so successfully is because the remedies impact the energy of the emotions and change the negative thought process to a positive one, allowing us to feel better about ourselves and our environment. As we develop a positive thought pattern, we can learn to “Ease out of Dis-ease” in Mind, Body and Spirit.

In Dr Bach’s own words “ Seek the outstanding mental conflict in the person, give him the remedy that will overcome the conflict and the hope and encouragement you can, then the virtue within him will, itself do all the rest.” “ Treat the cause not the effect.”


Renate Bodden is a Doctor of Naturopathy, CNHP and Reiki Master. Born in Germany, raised in Australia, she resides in Houston, and enjoys spending time with her son when he is in town between shows (Musician). After losing her husband to cancer several years ago, she began using Dr. Bach’s flower remedies on herself to help stabilize her emotions. She has counseled and treated clients, family members, friends and even animals successfully for many years using Dr. Bach’s remedies. Renate teaches workshops in the local area .

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