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The Gift to Yourself
Volunteer Your Best Services to Grow Stronger!

August 12th 2020 - " Some-times" …
Having "Time" to volunteer outside your given realm is in itself a gift.
At stages in life:
Some Can- Some Cannot
Some people are already on overload.
Young families require commitment.
Caring for family members and so-on…

Time is a squeeze at best to give anything back especially to yourself!

In the Dictionary:
My eye caught the following:
In looking at some the definitions of the word
. Acting or done without compulsion or obligation.
. Arising from or acting on one's own free will.
Here are a few thoughts arising in my spirit from the word volunteer:
"Free Will" can be as simple as asking someone if they would like a glass of water.
"Free Will" can be as simple as just leaving a note of gratefulness to some-one
perhaps just for their being in your life…
. Say a prayer for someone
"Free Will" can be as simple as to volunteer some time to yourself
to self-rejuvenate nurture & relax.
Fill in your own blanks

My"Free Will" Volunteering can be as simple as…

When I think of Chores & Volunteering they are two different concepts…
What do you think?
any feedback?
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