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“The 7 Greatest Truths About Successful Women”
Segments from a fabulous book that EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ. The book is filled with inspiration and serves to remind us that women are powerful and creative.

November 15th 2007 - “The 7 Greatest Truths About Successful Women”
Author: Marion Luna Brem

Aliza Pilar Sherman, one of Newsweek’s Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet, co-founded Cybergrrl, Inc. and Webgrrls International in 1995. Websites providing a forum for female entrepreneurs, these are online communities that offer women inspiration, access, advice, and the tools to make their dreams come true.
Putting passion into your work turns a simple moneymaking project into something that brings purpose and power into your life. Acknowledging passion transforms your hopes and wishes into reality. Unleashing passion sets you on the road to explore new horizons, overcome difficulties, and find solutions to problems you never thought possible. Embracing your passion makes you reconsider how you direct your work and your life. Nothing in your life has to remain the same if that’s not the way you want it to be. Through your passion you will find the courage to take risks and to create the life you’re worthy of living.

Self Reliance: With all due respect to those who believe that having the support of their partner and family is their key to achieving balance, I submit that women have to look to themselves, FIRST. We sacrifice personal time, personal development, and even sleep all in the name of taking care of others. Putting the same time and effort into taking care of ourselves, won’t unbalance our partnerships or our lives – it does just the opposite.

Each one of us has a huge stake in the design of our own lives. If we do not create ways to replenish depleted energy, we’re sure to risk burnout. I think of it as a crime of passion because burnout often leads to depression, and passion and depression are not compatible partners. When we sacrifice who we are – and the potential for what we can become – all in the name of nurturing others, a sense of imbalance is the result. I’ve learned that I deserve more than just the scraps that are leftover after I give all of the other pieces of myself away.

Reconciling the many parts of our lives begins with an appreciation of the true meaning of balance. What I have gleaned from my work inside a predominately male industry is that a human quality is a human quality. Achieving internal wholeness – one that allows us to love ourselves as we love others – will serve a larger purpose. In the grand scheme of things, change inside the business world and in society at large is possible, and rich in potential for both sexes. When men and women accept and share each other’s strengths, they will create a support system to make a well-balanced life a possibility for everyone.

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