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Wearing a Reiki Cloak: White Light Reiki Protection
This article provides a means of white light protection in the form of a gossamer white cloak that Reiki practitioners wear as they are giving Reiki to others. This visualized cloak

November 18th 2007 - REIKI CLOAK
(White Light/Reiki Protection)

The practice of protecting ourselves from negative energy produced either by other people or the environments we are in, is a common practice and is necessary to our well-being. It is especially important to protect ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually when we are doing any form of energy work. Below is the visualization passed on to me entitled the REIKI CLOAK.

Be sure to put on your REIKI CLOAK whenever you are involved in doing energy healing of others, as well as being in crowded, public places such as large shopping malls, restaurants, etc. to prevent absorbing issues and emotions of others that are around you.


1. Imagine a lightweight, almost gossamer, white cloak. This cloak is made of the finest mesh material. This mesh is so fine that nothing can penetrate it.

2. Slip the cloak over your shoulders. Pull down the hood of the cloak so that it completely covers your crown charka and third eye charka (comes down below the middle of your forehead).

3. Notice that the sleeves of the cloak completely cover your hands.

4. Notice that the bottom of the cloak completely pools around your feet, covering them completely.

5. Gently tie the cloak around your neck.

6. Take a moment to sense that this beautiful white cloak weighs so little that you barely feel it against your skin. Its fine mesh material will prevent any negativity from passing through to your energy field. There is a slight soft glow of white energy that surrounds your auric field that energizes and envelopes you in white light protection.

7. When you are finished wearing the cloak, untie it at the neck and store it in whatever way you see fit, until you need it again.

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