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Shamanism - Key to the Past; Highway To The Future
This article outlines the history of an ancient healing technique called shamanism, and explains its significance in today's society.

February 14th 2013 - Shamanism, Key to the Past – Highway to the Future
By Trudie Ann Moore
Shamanism is a life-changing transformational healing method.
Shamanism was the first spiritual practice of humankind and evidence suggests that it dates back at least forty thousand years. However some anthropologists believe it is more than a hundred thousand years old. Shamans are found in many cultures world wide, but the word Shaman comes from the Tungus tribe of Siberia.
The practice of shamanism is more a method than a religion in itself. In Siberia for example you will find it co-existing with Buddhism and Catholicism. A shaman is a man or woman who heals the spiritual aspect of illness, diagnosing and treating illnesses, divining information for the community, and communicating and interacting with the spirit world. There are many notable people who practice
modern shamanism and who have worked to bring awareness of it to the west, one of them being Sandra Ingerman a counsellor and psychologist in the U.S. Sandra
integrated the methods used by shamans in her clinic
She helped hundreds of women who had suffered the trauma of abuse.
One of the beliefs in shamanism is that aspects of your
soul, what we term soul fragments, can be absent. There
are a hundred different ways this can happen, but the reason is usually self-protection for the soul. Great trauma
and distress can cause this to occur. Soul Retrieval is the
technique of journeying on behalf of the client to bring back
these fragments that are missing. Twenty years ago many would have viewed soul retrieval and shamanism as a superstitious practice with no validity in the western world, and now they are considered almost mainstream. Sandra
Ingerman found that abused women would describe how they had removed themselves psychically from the situation at the time of the abuse . As a practising shaman she recognised that the person’s soul had to some degree left the body and therefore the logical thing to do was to retrieve that portion and bring it back. The results for these people were astoundingly positive. Soul loss is regarded as the gravest diagnosis in the shamanic culture, being seen as a cause of illness and death. Yet is not referred to at all in modern western medical books. Nevertheless it is becoming increasingly clear that what the shaman refers to as soul loss, that is injury to the inviolate core -–the essence of the person’s being, does manifest in despair, immune damage, cancer, and a host of other very serious disorders. It seems to follow the demise of relationships with loved ones, career or other significant attachments.
Many Psychologists have found a resonance between the concept of soul loss and their work.
Marie Von Franz a prominent analyst wrote:
“Soul loss can be observed today as a psychological phenomenon in the everyday lives of human beings around us. Loss of soul appears in the form of a sudden onset of apathy and listlessness; the joy has gone out of life, initiative is crippled one feels empty, everything seems pointless”.

When these fragments are outside of you, there is a space left which is open to other forces, energies, and feelings to come in. Ask many people if they feel they have lost part of their soul and very often they will say yes. At some deep level there is a natural awareness of this problem.
To determine if soul loss is an issue, you might like to ask yourself the follow questions:
Do you feel numb, un-motivated or apathetic?
Do you suffer from varying degrees of depression?
Do you struggle with addictions to alcohol, drugs,
Food or gambling?
Do you turn to external things to fill up an internal void
Or emptiness?
Were you chronically ill as a child?
Do you have gaps in your life after age 5?
Do you feel you may have blocked out significant
traumas in your life?
Have you had any major accidents or life threatening
If the answer is Yes to any of these questions, you may be dealing with soul loss in varying degrees. It means that important parts of your essential self may not be available to you. If so, the vital energy and gifts attached to these parts are for a time, inacessible. These lost parts exist in non-ordinary reality from which they can be recovered by a shamanic practitioner and returned to you. By non-ordinary reality I mean that in shamanism there are three worlds or
Dimensions. The Lower World which is the Earth realm of nature, caves, and where you work with nature and your power animals, the Middle world which is a bit tricky as it mirrors this world and has good and bad beings, and the
Upper World where the masters and spirit teachers and guides reside and the stars and universal realms. So a shaman moves between these various realms either for the person or with them guiding them through.
Shamans believe that people who are not powerful spiritually, or power-filled, are prone to illness, accidents and bad luck. This power is like our spiritual immune system. The power makes one more resistant to illness. If someone is repeatedly ill it can be that they need a power connection, and it’s the shaman’s job to help people who are unable to do that for themselves.
Shamans like spiritualists, know that we are not alone. When one human being compassionately works to relieve the suffering of another, the helping spirits are interested and become involved. The modern shaman views evil entities not as beings with tails and horns, but more as wrongly directed energy. Today demons appear under different guises to sabotage us, like the belief that 'I'm not good enough', nobody loves me, I'm a total failure. Continual negative thoughts attract and adhere unwanted entities like magnets.
So part of the Shamanic process can be viewed simply as a return of lost energy to the place where it came from.
Relationship issues are usually a major reason that people seek Shamanic healing.
Past love relationships and an inability to move on is often a major issue resulting from psychic cords or tentacles that are still connected to that person through their chakra system . This can often be why a person may have a series of un-fulfilled or disastrous relationships because they are still resonating to a past vibration. Each person has their own vibration or is attuned to a particular channel. I use the example of a radio station, some of us are on 2-Day FM others on 2CH nice and easy. I help the person change their frequency or vibration on a psychic level, and a mental level and help them gain insights into what they've learnt from the experience.
Sometimes it's not only a matter of disconnecting cords, but the other party may have un-consciously taken some aspect of them - a fragment. It is my job to help the client to negotiate the return of that part and integrate it back into their energy field. So once you’re free of that person's psychic connections and have all parts of you back whole, then you are in a better position to start on a process to attract a more compatible partner into your life.

Clearing negative energies is only a part of shamanic work. I also introduce you to the magnificent being that you are - connecting you to your original divine blueprint that you were born with and helping you bring forward a great portion of your talents and abilities, and to release the hereditary programming from your family line. Sometimes much of the pain we feel is not ours, but something we have taken on through our genetic line. The divine blueprint is your subtle DNA which is a counterpart of the cell or physical DNA. As the cell DNA contains the genetic memory of a human being, the subtle DNA contains the records of all potentialities. Part of the process , is to re-align you with talents and abilities from your past incarnations.
Shamanic work connects you to your passion. Pass-ion means passing on ion – charging the energy as opposed to depress-ion. That’s one of the major things that ails people, is they have lost touch with that fire within, that spark of purpose, so lets shake
rattle and roll, and put your soul back into life.
Trudie is an experienced shaman and has over 30 years experience in the field. Trudie calls her shaman practice
SOUL SURGERY which she conducts from her home-based office
In Western Sydney.

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