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Quantum-Touch Therapy and the Work of QT Practitioners
Article addresses the degenerative aspects of aging and how the work of Aileen McKenna in her practice with Quantum-Touch therapy provides increased physical and emotional energy as the pain disappears and the range of motion and confidence in their bodies creates a completely invigorated attitude to life.

February 03rd 2013 - Quantum-Touch practitioners work with clients presenting with a variety of issues. Often these issues are the tip of the ice berg, creating a problem that can easily be dealt with, thus opening the space for the underlying causes to come forth. As an example, I worked with a client who had been dealing with pain and anxiety coming from having fallen outside causing pain, and fear of repeating the fall. As I worked on the places where pain occurred, I became aware of the response from the legs as they were moving as I worked on the upper arm, where the rotator cuff had been damaged, and the ribs where there was pain. During the initial session the rib pain went away and rotator cuff was improved. During the second session, I worked again on the ribs and extensively on the upper arm and spent some time working with the feet and the legs. Following each session, there was an increased level of confidence in the body to not fall, and following the third session, the pain had completely been removed, and the level of confidence not only in the legs, but in the total body was clearly evident.

The above story is a common occurrence in my practice. I have come to understand that as we age and have experiences that limit our feeling of confidence and these experiences may come from accidents, car accidents, or other types of accidents perhaps falling over a sidewalk or downstairs, or having surgery, often limit the levels of confidence. I believe that there may be the issue of scar tissue and the muscle atrophy that occurs during convalescence, but whatever it is, the individual has less confidence and therefore, begins to limit their activities out of fear. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the more we limit our activities the less and less the body is able to do these. Even those who have had physiotherapy following surgery still seem to have this limiting confidence and thus limit their activities.

As I have witnessed with clients, particularly those in their senior years, more and more as I do my work, their bodies become more flexible, stronger and the confidence increases. Even with younger clients, their ability to run farther, to workout using more weights and the increase repetitions, is the common pattern as their bodies become stronger, more flexible, and their stamina increases.

The other factor I am aware of with clients is that of developing greater resiliency with Quantum-Touch intervention. Many of my clients come to see me with stress related conditions usually with a pain component. This may be simply the presenting symptom however, the actual issues are long standing and quite deep. Working with my clients with Quantum-Touch therapy means that we do not isolate any particular part of the body or aspect of us, QT works with the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological healing and integrating all of us in the healing process.

Clients leave my office feeling much better, the pain totally removed or considerably reduced, they always have a better frame of mind, greater feelings of hopefulness, and considerable resiliency and belief in their ability to handle their lives in the future.

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