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Mike's Story of Cervical Spinal Damage and Healing with Quantum-Touch Therapy
History and healing of severe spinal injury and the recovery by the use of Quantum-Touch Therapy at Aileen's Oasis

February 03rd 2013 - Mike’s Story

Mike came to see me with a history of neck issues which prompted an early retirement from the fire service.

He was born without a couple of discs in his neck, one having fused together. He was offered an operation decades ago to install synthetic discs and he went instead the chiropractic route. Many adjustments later he regained neck mobility and less headaches. This was an improvement over a handful of Noracin ® to get through a shift at work. Then came an injury two years ago which made his arm weak and on fire with pain. Numbness prevailed as well as the weakness after chiropractic care.

After five sessions with me, his neck feels like he is a teenager again as he no longer has the daily, low threshold background pain. He is able to do light garden chores again without the headaches which would have debilitated him months ago.

An old knee injury from a motorcycle spill presented itself, aching during a treatment requiring a pillow being placed under it. The next time in, he reported the pain gone and no more aches upon climbing lots of stairs. His neck no longer cracks and pops when turned and he looks forward to a much more active retirement, this spring having gone to White River fly fishing and carrying a cooler of minnows along a trail something he could not have done before.

This beautiful story is how Mike’s system responded to the hands on energy work that we call Quantum-Touch therapy, a perfectly natural, very simple, yet highly profound modality.

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