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More Head and Back Injuries: Working with Quantum-Touch Therapy
Working with back pain, spinal misalignments, concussions, damaged cervical spine disks repair themselves under my hands with Quantm-Touch Therapy sessions.

February 03rd 2013 - Working with clients who have experienced head and neck injuries is often a bit unnerving. I have studied about the cranial bones, but I was not a all certain if I wanted to participate in such a sensitive area. Clients are often uncertain about having movement in their heads and/or in their neck which is also the throat. However, having experienced now the movement of cranial bones, cervical vertebra as well as the realignment of upper thoracic vertebra I know how important this work can be for anyone who has had an injury in that area.

A number of clients have come to me with a debilitating condition in the cervical spine, i.e. the back of the neck. They experienced severe restriction in that area so that they could not move their head down nor really very much from side to side. There had not experienced an accident that they could recall wherein they were diagnosed with injuries, but they nonetheless were experiencing severe pain and a limited enjoyment of life as they needed to be vigilant about any turning of their head or even looking down towards the ground as this would cause a very painful and disorienting response.

These conditions respond wonderfully to having Quantum-Touch therapy as the misalignments and injured area simply heal and realign with a light touch and the innate wisdom of the body. As I place my hands under the spine, it is not unusual to feel the misaligned vertebra simply move back into alignment as I have experienced often. The vertebra will be slightly off centre and as I hold the space, it just moves over to where it belongs. In the head, the cranial bones simply reorganize themselves as I hold the space. It can be a bit alarming for those without experience to feel this boney movement, but when we know that the body knows what needs to be done it is a blissful experience.

Working with clients who have sleep apnea following severe injury from an automobile accident involving being broadsided and slammed into another car the bones move gracefully and ever so gently into place and the comfort of each client is remarkable to behold. Little did any of us know how simple it could be, nor did we understand what a difference it would make. I have also recently fully grasped how the work that continues following sessions. Bones and tendons will continue to shift following these profound sessions. Clients will tell me about making some movement and feeling a major crunch or clunk as I often call it. This often happens in the neck and shoulders, but it does happen in other parts of the body where severe damage has taken place. As the body feels more organized and stronger in its organization, the muscles relax and are able to return to their original healthy state no matter how long ago that state was experienced. I’m always surprised when I witness or hear about these events, but it is becoming a common enough experience.

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