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January 08th 2013 - My Story: Through the years, I have heard many stories about my patient’s encounters in
chiropractic offices. Even though the stories are as numerous and varied as the people
who tell them, I have discovered a common thread: Virtually everyone’s experience and
results can be different, even with the same chiropractor! I hope that you are reading
this because you are curious about, or interested in, how I can help you. I trust that the
following information will be useful, will answer some of your questions as you learn
more about my chiropractic office in Asheville, and will help you to make the right decision about a type of
chiropractic care that can profoundly affect your entire life.

At Whittington Chiropractic, we care for people with many different needs, goals, and
concerns. Yet, like you, at the beginning, most people simply want to know, “Can you
help me?”

When we meet on your first visit, we will discuss your concerns, your goals, and
your hopes for care. This one-on-one, first-visit encounter may be the single most
important visit you have. Let me explain why.

Most everyone knows that chiropractic can help many health challenges, including
low back pain, neck pain, back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, specific
injuries, and more. However, many people don’t realize a simple, yet dramatic, benefit
of chiropractic care: You don’t have to have anything “wrong” with you; it can simply
help you to feel even better, healthier, and happier! Research has shown that people under
regular chiropractic care have healthier immune systems, get fewer colds and flu, feel
less stressed, feel less tense and experience a greater overall sense of well being! In fact, it has been shown

that chiropractic care can actually help REVERSE THE EFFECTS OF THE AGING PROCESS

So, what makes care in our chiropractic office unique?

The answer to this question lies in my many years of experience and training, as well as
the methods I use. Often people are surprised that when they visit my office they may or may not
get their “spine cracked.” The reason is simple: The methods I use are very gentle and
deeply interactive with your body and nerve system. What do I mean by that? Our body’s
natural state is one of health, and the amount of input I use matches the amount of input
the body responds to best. It is the amount of force that supports the body in doing what
it is so beautifully designed to do: heal itself! This adjustment allows a space for the body
to experience relaxation, realignment, relief, and healing in a gentler way, naturally.

Adjustments may involve gentle, specific pressure along the neck or low back. This may
involve me positioning your body while having you take deep breaths; it may involve a
wedge being placed in just the right place under the hips to realign and relieve the pelvic
area or low-back disc pain. Sometimes, an adjusting instrument that makes a clicking
sound may be used as I make contact with a specific vertebra. And, from time to time,
the more traditional chiropractic adjustment is also used. All adjustments are designed to
help take the pressure off your spine and nerve system, clear spinal subluxations, which
can then help restore you to greater ease and better health. The adjustments are not only
painless, most people find their visit relaxing and invigorating.

We have a very flexible schedule that allows us to virtually eliminate waiting time. Our
goal is for your wait for an adjustment to be no more than five minutes. Ever!

While I had to be briefer than I would like to be—I have so much I can share with you!
—I hope this information is helpful to you as you discover more about how chiropractic
care in my office can become a vital part of a healthier lifestyle. If you still have any
questions, we want you to call our office or send us an e-mail.

Please look through our website for even more information, and testimonials. Call the office and

ask for the date of the next orientation and health class.We welcome your call and look forward to

serving you and your family and friends with
exceptional chiropractic care. We are constantly helping you take successful steps toward
a healthier, more vibrant life.

Please feel free to share this information.

With best regards for your health,

Dr. Tom Whittington

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