Healing Our Lives Through Divine Presence
Healing our world through healing of trauma from our other lives

September 06th 2012 - Imagine you have 300 lives going on all at the same time and in them are various themes of learning and growing, all choreographed by the soul. Some of them have unfinished business, themes of learning that have not yet been brought to a close. Some of these themes may be considered to be “bleeding through” into this life. They are characteristics of behavior that perhaps you have grown accustomed to and they mostly play a background noise role in your conscious awareness. In a way, they are characters from other plays and movies of your other lives. These characteristics have come to act out their scripts in this life.

These are impressions on the film of soul, called "Sanskaras" in the Upanishads. They are what a Teacher of mine calls "Energetic Signatures," emotionally charged fields withe associates beliefs or conclusions about oneself and life that arose from the trauma or critical causal events. As the Upanishads and other sacred scriptures and True Teachers tell us these impressions drive most of our behaviors. They are not "past" per se, but present and potent.

Consider this — Consciousness does not die. The personality of a life’s expression does not end, but continues. In point of reference, we think of a soul’s journey through many “lifetimes.” In these lives we acquire strengths, learnings, losses, gains, teachings, tools, trainings, resources and so on. We also acquire trauma, negative beliefs, and unfinished business. All of these contribute to our sense of self-identity, projections onto the world of relationships and interaction with life. We think that what we see or perceive is real and that someone else (the world, God, the others we blame) put it there. Actually, we have put it all there by our own unconscious imagining, and all driven by a primal belief in separation from the Divine within.

So all the while what each one of us is experiencing from our own center outward to the apparent ends of the physical and emotional universe is actually a projection from within and, like it or not, it is perfectly fitting for each of us. Given this, what we are mostly doing in our lives, then, is watching a movie on a screen and believing it is real and believing we are in it.

If we do not like what was on the screen at the local theater, should we go and tear up the screen? This would not be dissimilar from what we are doing when we try to manipulate our world. We could, instead, recognize who is actually in charge of the projection booth and replace the film, and then enjoy a new movie.

In addressing such healing through The New Regression Therapy, the causal events in the field of the impressions in the life or lives where they happened and trauma are felt and processed. Then Divine Presence or Divine Light is brought to those events and impressions, causing a transmutation of the event(s)in the causal life. (This is not to be confused with egoic rational mind rescripting as done most versions of Regression Therapy.)

This is a creation a new version of those events that is in accord with the Light of True Being or Self within. It is quite common for clients in this therapy to experience a exhalted states or Reunion with the Divine. The therapy becomes a sacred event and powerful spiritual journey.

In many cases in The New Regression Therapy the original trauma becomes non existant. The impact, then, in our daily life is that the movie has changed. A major energetic "shift" is experienced. Where there was hate, now there is love. Where there was fear of rejection, now there is acceptance and compassion.



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