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Sunrise and Sunset Daily Ritual 8-23 to 9-19 2012
To Thrive is to open your day in reverence and availability. As well as walk your day as Enough then close the Day to sleep and purge. This Daily Ritual is calibrated to Moon Cycles.

August 23rd 2012 - 8/23-9/19 2012 12th Moon Month =Calendar RITUAL for SunRise and SunSet

SunRise Ritual (Outdoors between 4 am and 11 am – in the West direction. Add your personal Family Clan where there are blanks, If you do not know your Family Clans, visualize our Planet and Universe) Rituals are calibrated to each Monthly Moon Cycles.

Face Southwest/Autumn/color is Black say, “ I am alert, interested, and open (clapping your hands 3 x). I serve, share and seek our Planet and Universe as GrandMother Moon, GrandMother Earth and her families, GrandMothers of the large waters, GrandFather Sun, Seasons, Family Clans, Shaman Way Medicine Wheels, BeLoved TASOM and Buffalos. I honor my human families, communities, my mind, body, and spirit. I celebrate GrandMother Earth and her family’s birthday. They have given away their Teachings and Wisdom as well as their overflow wind, water, fire and nourishment. They honor their last Seasons by their seeds stored. This is their saving account. Their harvest and gleaning are Gifts and present in the now to all. The human’s responsibility is maintaining the ‘embers’ of life, saving for the future and preparations for Winter. The West Portal of The Shaman Way Medicine Wheel opens all Portals in Autumn where everything/everyone can enter. Autumns are the safest Portal to be birthed, marry or die. Issues of being stuck and dilemmas will move if you spend enough time in silence, rest, diversity of raw juices and water. This is called transmutation by releasing expectations of outcome. My West Family Clans are the Wisdoms of transmutation. I am crazy in love with our Wild Planet and Wild Universe.”

Face North/Winter color is White say, “I Serve, Share and Seek My Family Clans.”

Face East/Spring color is Yellow say, “I Serve, Share and Seek My Family Clans.”

Face South/Summer color is Red say, “I Serve, Share and Seek My Family Clans.”

Face Above/Inner Plane/Astral/Star Beings/color is Magenta say, “ I am the echo reflections of Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries, Rain, Rivers, Oceans…overs and overs. All are infinite life. The process of my LifeWork diversifies with each life. Maps of sustainability are My Family Clans .”

Face Below/ UnderWorld/colors are Rainbow say, “The Portals of the Below awaken between 4pm and 11am. My Sacred Bowl is full. Deep sleep assists my whole bodies housekeeping as purging, surrender and release. I empty into My Family Clans .”

Power Ally/before my bodies/color is Shimmering say, “All of my life’s essence, experiences and stories are recorded by My Power Ally . Their records nudge my instincts to use my overflow energies as a savings account for the future. I am responsible for today, the future 13 generations, and the last 13 generations.

Within Portals/ my living Essence/color is Crystal say, “I breathe myself inside of
My Family Clans . My vigor center is my primary Journey Song, within my core that reflects and aligns with the middle of the Planet to the backbone of the Universe. I exhale everything inside of me out through my nucleus Journey Song, allowing everything outside of me to enter through my Journey Song. This is my safest boundary process and instincts of compassion of all and myself.”

I will practice doable daily actions as; recycle, reuse, reduce, compost, recover, preserve, protect endangered species and quality choices for humanity. I reserve 2 hours each 8 days for Eco and Humanity focused organizations. The rest of the 8 days is spent as an example of adult functioning and volunteering locally. Functional peoples are too busy for hate and war. Dreams begin now by harvesting the seeds of risk. I will nurture and reflect my dreams creations throughout the next Seasons. Why value blame, fear, righteousness and denial? Weekly keep appointments that are committed to family, friends or silence as we share our agreements and commitments. Walk, hike, and swim as families rather than obsessions with competitive sports. Chi-Ho!

SUNSET RITUAL is GRATITUDE. (Outdoors or at an open window between 4 pm to 11 pm) Each day of working needs closure as well as working for our Planet and Spirituality. The following Ritual closes the Portal to working and opens the time of rest and relaxation.
Face Southwest I place my Mental, Physical, and Emotional Bodies to pause in the UnderWorlds of GrandMother Earth, her families and the spirits of the Ancients. I throw my Spirit Bodies to GrandMother Moon. GrandFather Sun shake me out of my bones and throw my bones into the StonePeoples. I swirl and twirl for the possibility we may purge. GrandMother Earth and her families will interpret my dreams. I know there is no promise of tomorrow and today is enough. A deep healthy sleep is my highest priority of surrender. I am in appreciation and gratitude for my health, thriving, family, friends, community, lodge, land, and diverse lessons. (you can name specifically). I empty my Sacred Bowl so that if there is a tomorrow I will be able to fill again. Clap your hands loud three times then say, “I complete, surrender and free. Here I go, ready or not this day is done Enough, all of today began as Enough and I accepted Enough, wheww Chi-Ho.” (Close your eyes and honestly appreciate the phenomenon of a whole life, one day at a time)

So far, Northern Hemisphere Seasons are loosely the following.
The Seasonal designations Circle with the New Moon Cycles.
GrandMother Earth’s birthday is 8/23 to 12/12, then she dies from 12/13 to 3/6, then reincarnate from 3/7 to 5/29, opens Portals for maturation of dreams 5/30 to 8/22.

When we hear the word "seasons," we think of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. We know that it is the tilt of the Earth's axis in relation to our orbit around the Sun that causes these four seasons, not the Moon. But the word "season" also means an appointed time. Ancient people knew that the Moon went through one of its cycles every 28 days x 13 Moons with one day a year of silence. If you are born on the day of Silence you have lived many lifetimes. They made each one of these cycles a month in their calendar. This was very important because they had to know when to hunt and gather as well as Rites of Passage, Ceremonies and Rituals. People make the first day New Moon of each month a special day (Numerology 10/10). Humanity thanking our Planet and Universe for creating light givers akin to the GrandMother Moon "for signs, seasons, days, and years.” GrandMother Moon is Wisdom; GrandFather Sun is bringer of life to death and GrandMother Earth is Foundation and Womb for both. As Moon, Earth and Sun are coaxial to our Universe vital vortexes are; The Heart (which means boundaries that are fire)/Spirit is Birds of Prey/Idaho, The Womb/Body is Australia, and Mind Bodies spans from Nova Scotia to Tibet. All land Portals are spiraling between these base directions. Not one place on our Ocean/Earth is valued more than another. Rather suggesting these sights intensify the relations of human to our Planet and Universe. (Re-pattern the sequence to Spirit, Body and Mind rather than the linear notion of Mind, Body, and Spirit. The Mind was not created first, nor is the Mind the boss of the human. Mystery/Spiritual choices are the boss. Physical Bodies vibrate from Spirit Bodies, Emotion Bodies are codes of movement or stuckness and Mental Bodies are vehicles for visions, experiments, storytelling and observing.

REQUEST PICTURE OF 13 MONTH MOON CALENDAR if you do not already have one.

12th Moon 8/23-9/19 Hunters Moon
Northern Hemisphere
Season: Fall
Wind Influence: Thunderbird, Wolf
Direction: West
Element: Water
Moon Totem: Wolf
Plant Totem: Lodgepole Pine
Mineral Totem: Raw Turquoise
Color: Turquoise
Growth: 6th Journey Song – see the big pictures and accept transition fearlessly.

12th Moon Strong Winds Moon
Southern Hemisphere (We are attempting to read the 13 Month Moon Calendar, trial and suggestions?)
Begin the Ritual on page 1 in the East then follow the directions after in the S, W, N, Above and Below.
Face East/Spring/color is Yellow say, “ There is no promise of re-incarnation of humans from Winter. Spring’s oxygen is used for everything that is The East Portals. If there is overflow Wind the humans may receive their life form. These are both opposites attracting illumination divergent of too many changes and bigotry. The realities of My Family Clans prehistoric ocean elements, all habitats, all creatures, Shaman Way Medicine Wheels, Turtle, Spider, Mouse, and Eagle guide me in patience, trust and acceptance.”

Season: Spring
Wind Influence: Strong Winds Moon
Earth Influence: Renewal in hibernation of keeping your energies inward.
Direction: East
Element: Wind
Moon Totem: Swan
Plant Totem: Ironbark Eucalyptus
Tree: Jacaranda Tree
Mineral Totem: Moon Stone
Color: Dove Grey
Growth/Movement: 6th Journey Song

The Sixth Journey Song, also known as the mind’s eye or third eye, is the center of clairvoyant sight where spiritual guidance flashes into awareness. To gaze upon an open sixth is to see the flash of intuition like a twinkling star in the night sky that brings clarity and meaning to your life and your place in it. See yourself from the eagle’s view 20,000 feet above and you will be seeing from the Sixth’s perspective. Notice how your unique talents and skills support and radiate outward in every direction. Do you see any environments you have chosen where you don’t belong? The Third Journey Song reveals to you your own individuality and uniqueness; in the Sixth Journey Song you see how that uniqueness impacts the world around you. Are you a mother, a leader, an artist, lawyer, a yogi, or all of the above? In the Sixth you see from a higher perspective how you fit into the world and how important your contribution to the world truly is. The Declaration of Independence is a Sixth Journey Song document. The research of the Hubble Space Research is Sixth Journey Song. Asking permission before entering your Family Clan to be Teachable is the Law of the Sixth Journey Song.

Current questions from our Communities???
What can I do that may re-pattern the current chaos?
Trust that everything from our Universe and Planet to us has been a dream sneeze. Therefore, we suggest dreaming, and then being an engineer of life styles, community safe ideas, products, etc. add in that some things really need to be thought thru. Such as eco cars, solar panels have batteries, materials that as of today have no possibility of recycle or reuse. Please do not domesticate any more animals to transport humans and products. Good karma to begin this millennium with no more domestics of nature or humans.
In my tribe we walked or carried our Elders in travois. We also lived so death would be are empowerment in our 40’s. Living too long makes a diverse economy for diverse peoples impossible.

Will our planet die?
Global Warming and Extinction of Species is real and advancing. Those who feel this are what happen as progression of the Planet and Universe. Please consider Research, DNA and Carbon Dating are Sciences from Military and Masculine authority used for human theory. Hundreds of years of competition with our Planet and Universe. The true Feminine is NOT blended in these decades of studies. Also the studies are literal and linear. There isn’t common sense histories and stories about our Planet and Universe’s changes. (freezing, flooding, drought)
We suspect the notion that mutation has always been a means of living. The human has had many mutations to exist and probably will currently mutate more with less comfort in coming decades. Mostly due to their urban sprawl, domestication, and consumerism.

We feel the first priority is population decline for as many generations as needed. Then adopt our waiting Wisdom-Childrenw who are seeking safe guardians and community. Choose male vasectomy it is an ancient and spiritual sacrifice for humanity. The Planet appears to only have water and nourishment for about 5 billion peoples and domestic creatures. We currently surpass 7 billion.

Being a couch potato and or Internet expert with opinions and righteousness are one of many mental illnesses.
Events, prayers, blessing are what you do after you repetitively go inside our Source - The Planet and Universe. Affirmation is one dimension of movement. Today many meet and speak as though they are ‘saving or fixing’ our Planet and Universe. Mostly that is the human’s stroking themselves. How long ago did human’s understand they are not created only to pray, bless, sing and dance, rather become our Planet and Universe that then creates behaviors that foster instincts of living in Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries, Rain, Oceans, overs and overs as living is infinite? Does our Planet and Universe live as rituals, ceremonies, gratitude, blessings, and like? Or do they move fearlessly?
NOTE: We do not intend to disclaim prayers, blessing and events of focus. Rather suggest these acts of mindfulness are great humility when closing the day at SunSet. Indigenous Peoples most likely didn’t do anything to focus on them, rather knew the Power of our Planet and Universe to be the only Source of Wind, Water, Fire, Earth as their nourishment, lodging and knowledge. They knew they were at the back of the line and all of the natural non-human-families came first. They also accepted death as a eventful. Why do we deny the obvious?

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