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The Profundity of ThetaHealing®
Profound and Fun, ThetaHealing® hits the spot, that is gets to the root cause faster than any modality I have used. Not only gets there, but creates a space, energy and brain wave pattern conducive to healing results!

August 10th 2012 - ThetaHealing® works on the mitochondria and DNA, the minutest particles of our beings. The originator, Vianna Stibal, refers to this energy work as “quantum mechanics”. I describe it as work only in the professional sense. I find this technique to be uplifting, joyful and fun! The process involves imagination, creativity, and prayer. The only requirement is a belief in God or Higher Power. People of all walks of life and of varying faiths around the world use and benefit from ThetaHealing®.
Doctors, Attorneys, Chiropractors, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Energy Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Doulas, Naturopaths, Counselors and more have studied this modality! Some have shared how ThetaHealing® assists them in shortening time spent with their clients / patients and helps them achieving greater satisfaction in their work. See Video of Dr. Ken Best:
Others have learned ThetaHealing® to help themselves physically, emotionally or spiritually. Read how Vianna used this process to be instantly healed of cancer in her Basic Book on ThetaHealing®.
As a certified instructor, I will teach you how to use ThetaHealing® to facilitate healing for yourself and others. Training is required for certification. Find out more:
I use ThetaHealing® to replace negative beliefs with positive ones. Once a belief has shifted from destructive to constructive, my clients experience a difference in attitude, behavior and choices! Testimonials: and more here:
The imagery of ThetaHealing has you travel through space and the levels of creation to the Seventh Level to “Source”. Then the practitioner enters another kind of space, that of the human cell! Come learn and explore! Sign up for classes:

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To Vianna Stibal, awesome woman and teacher extraordinaire! To Karen Ross, for her healing gifts!