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Core Belief Session and DNA Activation
Changing Negative Beliefs using ThetaHealing®

August 10th 2012 - Thursday, September 23, 2010
I worked with a client yesterday for one and a half hours. I took the traditional approach of having her do intake paper work and I could tell she was a little taken aback by the formalities. I think she was just anxious to get down to business and experience the healing work!
She talked quite a bit about her past and upbringing that she felt had an impact on her life and current relationships. I took an emotional history. I had her answer how she felt about time frames and people in her life, aka family on a scale of Dark to Light, light being more positive, and dark negative. I took her from the womb to present time, in segments. It was remarkable how many dark marks were on her emotional history chart. (This chart is available for your use, just email a request to me) I felt impressed to do ThetaHealing in addition to the traditional work of Thought Pattern Management for Memory Cleanse. She conferred that that was what she came for and ThetaHealing was what she wanted. We got to work.
First impression upon entering her space was to activate her DNA and in doing so, commanded healing to the Protein chains, so that she can be the best she can be. I told her that she may experience a cleansing, both emotional and physical from this process.
I asked her if she knew what it felt like to be healthy and muscle tested that. She tested weak, so instilled that feeling using ThetaHealing.
Then we proceeded to do “Digging” to find a negative core belief that was related to her challenges. It came down to “I am bad”. She said she felt 4 years old when she said that. Sure enough, she muscle tested positive for that belief. Using ThetaHealing, I commanded that the program of “I am bad” be pulled and replaced with “I am good”; then muscle tested to verify the new healthy program had indeed replaced the old. She immediately said I know I have another core belief I have been carrying around and she pointed to her heart. The belief, she said, was “I am a pain” Muscle testing verified this and with her permission, that belief was pulled, resolved and replaced with “I am a joy to be around”
She looked much softer after our session. Her energy was shifted. Gone was the prickly defensiveness detected when she first entered my office. Miracles happen like this all the time with the help of the Creator. I must give credit due.

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