Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey as Founder/Host & Chief Principal Teacher of his "Circle of Grace 1 ~ The Circle of Divine Grace & Remembrance" shares with you methods of why you should embrace the master within you.

by Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey

As we move quickly through the rest of the year many of us are just about ready to grow in our awareness & remembrance that we are masters redefining a new reality. We are now and can now begin to accept and embrace that we can surely never be the same. We can choose to go backwards, forwards or standstill. But, we must let go of past doubts, illusions and fears about stepping directly into the memory of being a master. We are Spiritual Sentient Beings in search of and finding ourselves blossoming here. But before we can readily do that, we need to let go of the ego-mind and accept the godly mind.

Man-made time has been collapsing for sometime now and we are being called from within the newer matrix of Mother Earth & The Universe that we matter as we are truly spiritual. We are not the only beings evolving as many have gone before us and have traveled across the inner planes and met us in our deeper states of meditation, fasting, prayer, channel and the long deep sleep in dream time.

We are now awakening to the journey that we have created from deep within our core being right down to our D.N.A (our Divine Natures have been Activated). We are now U.F.O.L. what I call "Unified Fields Of Love" and we are now remembering we are truly one with every living being from one realm to the next.

We are made in the image of The Divine Source - Intelligent Light-Life Forms called SPIRIT and ALL SPIRIT AS LIGHT & LIGHT IS ENERGY. Our aboriginal ancestors new these truths and we are now reawakening to the same.

Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey mentors many energy practitioners, light workers, body workers and other spiritualist ministers, as well as, people from all walks of life.

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Until next time..."Remember that Divine Grace is a Blessing as we are alive & well in The Age of Remembrance"

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