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Family Clans Teaching
Nature is the wholeness of Wisdom. How do we listen and interpret their Teaching?

June 16th 2012 - Shamanism is first and foremost a Spiritually-learning community/tribe/village. The survival most lost in humans is the instinct of collective living/thriving. We have duped ourselves into thinking we can live without each other, and our planet. Everything on the planet depends on collective movement. Gravity is the core activator. GrandMother Earth, her families and habitats are the boss.

The strongest instinct in the human is to analyze the creature by what it will do, give to you, and feel for you. Secondly we as humans do anything and everything to get others to not criticize us, thus liking us.
Our survival may well depend on really knowing the creature to truly
mirror and echo GrandMother Earth and her families.
We need to really be courageous, open and teachable.

Do humans hunt each other like creatures, plants and elements do?

Teachings of Family Clans – Serving, sharing, and seeking
1. Territorialism
2. Food: carnivore or prey
3. Habitat
4. Mating/birthing. When habitat is not destroyed by humans, the creatures, plants and elements will ‘choose’ whether to mate/birth based on if there is enough habitat, water, and air. Good example is the elephant.
5. Sleep

6. Ask, “Which bodies (Mental, Physical, Emotion, Spirit) are being connected from this Messenger?” So far in our evolution as humans we connect the most strongly in the following:
4 – legged = grounding = all bodies
Winged – see big picture/flying = mental bodies
Finned – flowing, balancing = emotion bodies
Reptiles – Ancient habitats, water = all bodies
Mollusks – flowing camouflage = physical, emotion bodies
Insects – eternal = all bodies

7. How can I serve this Messenger?

8. Discover and Write: Use 1-7 to detail who the Creature is.
Email: one Creature a week, starting with week 1-Beaver, week 2- Cowbird,
week 3-Dragon, week 4-Eagle. Please send what you write at the end of each week.

Note: That we are specifically lessening the need to get something for yourself from the Messenger. Rather spend the valuable time and intention on knowing the Creature, Plant or Element.

A review of Apprentice channeling with Creatures, Plants and/or Elements:

Bear - Grunting Snorting Farting Foraging Growling Surviving Resting Rejuvenating
Bearing down at the trials in life. Standing on hind legs in opposition and protection. Crawling in the cave to revive rejuvenate, refresh and give birth. Acceptance of quiet time as being ok. Needed. Part of survival. Fierce protection of family and territory. Quiet stillness of introspection.

Beaver – Beavers seem cooperative and build dams or bridges. Their passion for building reminds me of my dog and her passion for her Frisbee….. Endless.

Beaver: Speaks of everyday duties. Being diligent and persistent. Everyday mundane chores keep the mind and body occupied. Gnawing on problems to find solutions. Warning system is always poised and ready.

Cowbird = PARASITE that not only exploits mothers and their families but kills their children too.

Dragons-kundalini, ancient, powerful, mysterious, change.

Eagle-The Eagle seems to be the “bird of all birds’. It is a large bird with amazing vision and hunting skills. They have an air of being elite as reflected in the reverence and mystery expressed by people that experience them. Freedom and spirituality.

Frog –Transition, transformation, water to land.

Hawk-The hawk reminds me of the Eagle but they are physically smaller. Perhaps they are more specialized in their purpose rather than just being an epic power symbol. (No offense)

Jaguar-When I think of jaguar I think of Shapeshifter. It is quite possible I watched too many Michael Jackson videos in the 80’s however. Google calls the jaguar a protector of one who maneuvers between worlds.

Jasper: Dust-to-Dust Colors merge to create beauty and strength. Speaks of all things/humans coming together to create strength and beauty, all the while maintaining individuality.

Macassar Ebony Tree - Swirling twirling of light and dark. Soaking in of sustenance...from the above and below. The earth and the sun. Roots connected to the underworld while the branches and leaves reach for the sun/sky. Speaks of staying grounded in this world while opening. Holding the earth in tact.
“Diospyros celebica. Derivation: The genus name is Greek meaning "of the God Zeus or Jupiter" and "grain" alluding to the edible fruit. The specific epithet is Latin meaning the plant is "of Celebes", which is now known as Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago.”

Macassar Ebony Tree-I have never heard of this tree before so I had to look it up.

Petrified Wood: Deep Wisdom that comes with ages of experience and knowledge. That which once lived and breathed the earth turned to stone. Stone becomes even more solid and beautiful with age. Can stand the test of time.

Puma-I was camping once and I was hiking about below a cliff. I heard a noise from above and looked up to find my eyes meeting with the eyes of a mountain lion. We were just feet apart. He could have eaten me right there but just looked me in the eyes and waked off. I also saw one walking through a field. I didn’t get eaten then either. I like pumas (mountain lions?). They don’t eat me even though they easily could. They are strong, independent, powerful, and apparently kind enough not to make me lunch.
Quail-a group of birds that seem to be of a collective running together through my yard. I love quail. They seem cheerful.

Rattlesnake-Kundalini, “lightening”, awakening, “don’t tread on me”, sexuality…I could go on but would probably go off the deep end on this one.

Walrus-Featured in a groovy Beatles song. They have tusks and swim and lay about. That is all I know of walrus. Google says death and trickery. Fuck off Google.

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