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Sunrise and Sunset Daily Ritual 5-30 to 6-26, 2012
The Ritual follows the 13 Month Moon Calendar. Each 28 days the energies and focus shift. This Ritual gives you a way to awaken every day and close the day.

June 16th 2012 - RITUAL for SunRise and SunSet 5/30 - 6/26 9th Moon 2012

Osiyo treasured Community,
Human Beings are the only species who can forget. Daily Ritual is a valued exercise of honoring awakening from a sleep of purging yesterdays. Rising with an empty mind and being available to be teachable. Each Portal Direction below is a ‘real’ movement of GrandMother Earth and her families. Choose thriving go Outdoors sometime between 4 am and 11 am – in the seasonal direction. If strong weather then open a window and use visualization to be outside. Copy, Cut and paste your personal Family Clan where there are blanks, If you do not know your Family Clans, visualize our Planet and Universe. Rituals are specific to each Monthly Moon Cycles. Chi-Ho, EarthThunder

Read this paragraph (which is condensed morning Ritual) and/or read entire morning Ritual:
Face Southeast Say, “ I am awake, receptive, and available (clapping your hands 3 x).
I serve, share and seek GrandMother Moon, GrandMother Earth and her families, GrandFather Sun, Seasons, our wild Planet, wild Universe, BeLoved TASOM and Buffalos. I honor all Portals, my human families, communities, my mind, body, spirit and my Family Clans. GrandMother Earth and her families teach us. Everything that is this Planet has been dreamed. Every Autumn, Winter and Spring dreams collect. I reach now to mature these dreams into my present living. (close your eyes and become your dreams) What in my life needs completion to make room for these dreams? Who will help me expand my dreams? I ask
My Family Clans . They hear that my dreams are for the Planet and the wellbeing of all peoples and children.”

Face South say, “I am teachable within My Family Clans .

Face West say, “ I am teachable within My Family Clans .”

Face North say, “ I am teachable within My Family Clans .”

Face Above say, “ I am the growth-transitions of Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries, Rain, Oceans…all life infinite, my LifeWork in process. Inspiration is
My Family Clans .”

Power Ally say,” I am remembered by My Power Ally .”

Face Below say, “Healthy sleep is thriving as My Family Clans .”

Within say, “I breathe myself inside of My Family Clans .” They are inner-diversity and compassion.”

Dreams began with last Autumn and now they are matured. Will I lose them or fulfill them? Does blame, fear, righteousness and avoiding - heal others, our planet or myself? Is it possible what I perceive is not the whole vision? I will consider rest from the internet and television, making more room for dreams.
Chi-Ho! (Leave a pinch of indigenous seeds in gratitude)

SUNSET RITUAL is GRATITUDE. (Outdoors or at an open window between 4 pm to 11 pm) Each day of working needs closure as well as working for our Planet and Spirituality. The following Ritual closes the Portal to working and opens the time of rest and relaxation.
Face Southeast I place my Mental, Physical, and Emotional Bodies to pause in the UnderWorlds of GrandMother Earth, her families and the spirits of the Ancients. I cast my Spirit Bodies to GrandMother Moon. GrandFather Sun shake me out of my bones and throw my bones into the StonePeoples. I swirl and twirl for the possibility we may meet in the dreamtime. May GrandMother Earth and her families interrupt my dreams. I know there is no promise of tomorrow and today is enough. A deep healthy sleep is my highest priority of surrender. I am in appreciation and gratitude for my health, thriving, family, friends, community, lodge, land, and lessons. (you can name specifically)
Clap your hands loud three times then say, “I complete, surrender and free. wheww Chi-Ho.” (Close your eyes and honestly appreciate the phenomenon of a whole life, one day at a time)

9th Moon 5/30 thru 6/26

Season – beginning Summer
Affinity Color: Red, Orange, And Green
Animal Totem – Mouse, Deer
Compatibilities: Crows, Otter, Winter Moon peoples, Hard Freeze people
Conscious aim: To bring together
Direction – Southeast to strongest sun day – Summer Solstice
Earth Influence – The Flowering Time
Element – Fire middle of Earth
Elemental Clan: Butterfly (Air) Clan
Feelings: Sensitive but superficial
I Ching trigram – Tui. The Joyful Lake. Success comes thru endurance
Influencing Wind: The East-South Winds - Mouse totem: Frog
Intention: Versatility
LifeWork: Co-ordination
Mineral Totem – Rose Quartz
Moon Totem – Crow, Otter, Owl,
Movement Traits: Friendly, Witty, and Intellectual
Musical vibration – E natural
Must avoid – Moodiness, Inconsistency, superficiality
Must cultivate – Concentration, persistence, sympathy
Nature: Lively
Personality: Quick, Alert, Talkative, Congenial, Moody
Plant totem – seasonal leaf plants, Mullein, Cottonwood Tree/Fire Tree
Polarity: Owl
Predominant elements – Air with Fire
Sex-drive: Titillating
Spiritual alchemy – Yang predominates
Starting Totems – Deer, Eagle, Butterfly, Mullein, Agate, Owl
Stuck Traits: Inconsistent, Restless, Lazy, Despondent
Subconscious desire: Mastery of the mind

3rd Journey Song — Loving Your Life
The solar plexus is the site of Universal Dreams as well as the purging site for nightly dreaming. To gaze upon a person who is enthusiastically being themselves is to see the sun shining through every pore of their body and mind. Look at everything in your life that makes you unique in the world and you will see your third Journey Song. You are a one-and-only. Your third Journey Song is your power to take action on your deepest desires that fill you with passion and joy and use your willpower to let go of unhealthy obsessions that drain your life force. Your life purpose is directly related to your uniqueness. Albert Einstein said, “It is only to the individual that a soul is given.” Look at how often you freely allow yourself to be yourself, and relax and enjoy that person. How often do you suppress your desires and the unique person you were born to be so that you might conform in some way to external pressures? Once you recognize this aspect of yourself, you are seeing your third Journey Song. Fire, Ego identity, oriented to self-definition Known as the power Journey Song, located in the solar plexus. It rules our personal power, will, and autonomy, as well as our metabolism. When healthy, it brings us energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, and non-dominating power.

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