The Faeries Speak: Mexico and 12-12-12
How the faeries can help humans reconnect with Mother Earth during the time of 12-12-12.

June 07th 2012 - by Diomira Rose D'Agostino
Several years ago the faeries began speaking to me at great length. I was shown my divine purpose here on planet Earth if I chose to accept it. It was very clear: to be a bridge to help facilitate the reconnection between humans and Mother Earth. They asked if I would help communicate their messages to all. They began showing me many things. They explained that many beings from all walks of life have been harmoniously working together to support Gaia in her transformation. The faerie realm is one of the key players in this ascension process. They are our brethren. They are standing forth to be of service, not only to Mother Earth, but also to us; they desire very deeply for us to remember who we are and take our place in the great plan of creation. They have come forth from the mists to connect with us once more. They wish to share so much, so much wisdom do they hold. They also have a great love for us and wish to assist us in the Great Awakening. It is in our remembering that we can support Mother Earth in her birthing process.

12-12-2012. You have all heard about this date. We all know it is supposed to be important astrologically and numerically. I found myself wondering question upon question, What is the significance and how does it relate to December 21, 2012? What is the relationship of this date to Mexico?・ How will the energies of this day impact us, and why is Mexico such a hot spot during this time?・

Seconds later, my question was being answered by my dear guides and teachers in the world of Faerie. They have a great understanding of the Earth energetically and how various points on our Mother interact with and affect the whole. This is what they explained to me:

The path to ascension is through the heart. Love is the strongest energy in the universe, and it is in opening up our heart space that we will remember our connection to All That Is and awaken. Mexico is an extremely supportive place for this. When the Earth’s kundalini resettled in the Andes Mountains, it activated many sacred points in Central and South America. Chichen Itza relates to the heart chakra. This space is designed to awaken our heart through opening and aligning it to the heart chakra of the Earth. December 12, 2012, in conjunction with this sacred site is a powerfully synergistic expression of energies that will be a clarion call for many to experience.

The Age of Aquarius is governed by Brotherhood. 12-12-12 is a wonderful opportunity for all to come together as a collective. It is in this beautiful energy of unity that we affect the whole. Gathering in various sacred sites, such as Chichen Itza, during this astrological event allows us to act as conductors and amplify our effect. In doing this we send a great wave of light across the universe. This love-light is like a beacon that goes out and transforms the Earth, the galaxy and beyond.

In addition to Chichen Itza, Uxmal is another site in Mexico that will be a breeding ground for transformation during December 2012. Uxmal houses the energy of the root chakra. The cycle that we are moving into requires a new foundation to be laid as old energies are swept away. The faeries wish to help us hold the vision for this new foundation on both a personal and planetary level. They explain that this sacred site’s energy really supports anchoring in a foundation that will be the springboard into the Age of Aquarius; 12-12-12 is an energetic catapult that will beam us into December 21, 2012 and beyond.

The faeries explain that this transformation can be seamless when we align our hearts with the Heart of the planet, and from this space of peace, love and oneness we can ascend to a higher dimensional frequency. The Fae are masters of the third and fourth dimensions. This is why they are able to assist us in remembering how to navigate the fourth dimension. Then, when the time is right, we will all be making the journey to the fifth dimension together.

About the Author: Diomira Rose D’Agostino, channel and faery light healer, is leading a tour to Mexico during December 12, 2012. For more details on this tour visit:

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