The Importance of Positive Thinking and Gratitude
Gratitude Heals and Lifts One's Spirit

June 03rd 2012 - Researchers increasingly have started to look into the role that gratitude plays in people's well-being. They have found that people who spend time thinking about the good things in life tend to have fewer physical symptoms, feel better about their lives overall and are more likely to look forward to the week ahead. They also sleep better, are more alert and have more enthusiasm.

Some counselors tell their patients to take time every day to write down a few things for which they are grateful. "Maybe a stranger opened a door for you. Or maybe you saw a kitty and it really made you smile," said Diana Garber, who owns Intuitive Concepts (a consulting company that specializes in feng shui, a Chinese design tradition aimed at putting people in harmony with their surroundings).

Those gratitude journals, available online along with how-to books, are a popular self-help tool. Oprah Winfrey talked about them on her show. Bloggers around the world are writing about what makes them grateful today. A recent study showed the journals are not just hype.

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