Beauty is Wellness from within.
How to remain beautiful on the outside by eating correctly and keeping a positive Mind set.

November 15th 2004 - BEAUTY IS WELLNESS FROM WITHIN (1)

Dr. Renate Bodden ND, RYT

Beauty is more than make-up, expensive clothes, tight abs etc. We all have a very natural beauty about us when we are healthy and keep a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important ways of staying healthy is watching how and what you eat. In today’s world where we women wear so many “different hats” it certainly becomes challenging to prepare meals, especially when there is a fast food on every corner. Obesity is a major problem not only for adults but also for our children. 33% of adult women are obese in the U.S. 9 million children are overweight and 7 million children are at “risk” to being overweight.

So maybe you know all of the above, and have tried several diets, are even working out and yet you can’t seem to shed the extra weight, or feel tired, depressed, lethargic, the problem could be over-acidification of the blood and tissues. So what does that mean? Let me explain, our bodies are designed to operate on a balanced diet of 80% alkaline producing foods and 20% acid producing foods. Today’s typical diets are highly acid producing, it is this over-acidification that sets into motion, imbalance, overweight and even dis-ease.

More next time. Dr. Renate Bodden


Renate Bodden is a Doctor of Naturopathy (Doctor of Alternative Medicine) and a certified and registered Yoga Therapist. Renate who has experienced being overweight herself (size 14 –16 to now a size 8) is very concerned about the obesity problem amongst, especially women and children in Houston.

“Changing the diet to 80% alkaline producing foods helped me to not only lose the weight but also keep it off, of course using the Toning, Stretching and Breathing exercises by doing Yoga or actually any exercise program is an added benefit.”

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