Over Plan and Under Utilize
Plan Ahead

June 03rd 2012 - There are many indicators culminating that suggest we plan, plan, and plan. Especially with my background in business continuity and disaster recovery, I know this is wise.

My philosophy is plan for the worst then go with the flow. A couple examples of this: The weather person says it's going to be a rainy weekend and you have a house full of people coming. You might plan board games, activities in the garage, or movies to watch. Another example is a winter storm. You might ensure there's extra wood for the wood burner, blankets to snuggle in, and lots of cocoa and soups to cook on the wood burner.

When we prepare for a situation, we're more likely to stay calm in the face of it. When we have done our planning, our emotions are less likely to get the best of us; and when we've planned for an event, we're more likely to feel safe and secure.

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