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May 02nd 2012 - Silver Water

This is Ionic colloidal silver water! The Best there is!

Colloidal silver is usually made in one of three ways. Which way is the best way to make silver water?
1. Silver wires put in water that salt has been added to, and charged with a low electric current. This produces “Silver Chloride”, or a type of silver mineral salt. Drawbacks: questionable quality and purity of both silver wires and water, as well as production of large silver “flakes”. These flakes can then be deposited, accumulated, and stored in the body – rather than moving about freely, (i.e. “Blue Man”, as seen on Oprah).
2. Silver added to gelatin, or other proteins. Drawbacks: This is actually “Silver Protein”, and not true colloidal silver in water. This type is used mainly for research, and generally not (or readily) available to the public.
3. Pure water in a silver vessel and struck by lightning. Ancients used pure water – not tap, bottled, etc., - in a silver vessel/bowl, set out in a storm and let lightening strike it. The result was/is “Ionic Colloidal Silver Water”, as in ionic silver mineral particles in the water. (9 Billion electrically charged, anti-microbial particles to oz.) Advantages: 1000’s, Drawbacks: none known – zero drawbacks!

How does true Ionic Colloidal Silver work?
Basically it disables the respiration process of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and etc. (They suffocate, die, and are passed out of the body, via the elimination processes, therefore the pathogens don’t become immune to the ionic colloidal silver, as sometimes can happen with antibiotics.) (Sources: www.wikipedia.org, USDA, and www.pesticideinfo.org)
Colloidal Silver that is correctly manufactured (true ionic colloidal silver) is reported to be effective against over 650 different diseases.

Stem Cells Connection
Dr. Robert O. Becker (famous researcher and co-author of “The Body Electric”, 1985) discovered that in the presence of silver ions, the body would produce all the stem cells it needed. Without the silver it could not. (Sources: “The Body Electric”, 1985, and Nexus magazine, July – Aug, 2008.)
We sell only “The Silver Water brand”. This particular ionic silver water has an 18+year history of excellence. It’s produced in a very large state of the art approved clean room; complete with a Tesla like “lightning-machine,” and quality controlled/inspected water. This produces authentic ionic colloidal silver water like the ancients made.

For further information on Ionic Colloidal Silver and stem cell production, please request a copy of the recent Nexus Magazine article. Http://silverwater.weebly.com

Purchase the Ionic Colloidal Silver Water (9 Billion electrically charged, anti-microbial particles to oz.) Superior to regular “colloidal” silver water.
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