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Angel Message of the Week Feb. 3-Feb.9
Beautiful angel message about releasing our emotions.

February 03rd 2012 - Dear Ones,

The energies in your life this week will be more intense as new divine vibrations align in the human world. Shifts like this can sometimes exaggerate or amplify your emotional states. It is good to be aware this week that you may experience feelings much stronger than your usual responses.

All spectrums of your feelings may be affected whether it’s what you’d consider a positive feeling like love, joy and happiness or negative ones such as fear or anger. This is a good time to realize that all emotions that are experienced are a type of energy that is expressed from the body. The appearance of these opposite emotions is really an illusion.

We know it is quite common to judge or categorize your emotional experiences in this dualistic way. Doing this will often lead you towards self-rejection. You can judge yourself for having the feelings in the first place. Especially if they seem out of place given whatever is going on at the moment they occur.

You need not judge your emotions or yourself for having them. They are a part of you and it is normal to experience them. There is much emotional suppression in your world right now that causes undue suffering.

Accept your emotions as they arise this week. Let them arise and flow out without pushing them away or telling yourself you “shouldn’t” feel that way. How often do you tell yourself that your feelings are misplaced or incorrect? If that is your tendency, then it will important for you to begin working through your self-judgment in this area.

Your human body is a vessel that can only contain a finite amount of energy. Your emotions are your body’s way of releasing excess energies. Many diseases are substantially created from the depth of emotional suppression over a period of years.

It is okay divine ones. Do not be afraid of your emotions, for they give you amazing clues about your subconscious. If you allow yourself to feel how you feel and release them, you will learn much about yourself in the process.

Remember most of all this week that you are on a significant journey into self-realization. Embrace each experience and accept the opportunities to let go of things you’ve carried for too long. Give yourself permission to allow, release and heal this week. As always, we are right with you as your guides and lovingly assist your process of healing and growth.

Until next week dear ones,
We are the Seraphim

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