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Angel Message for the Week Jan 27-Feb 2
The angels share how to deal with disappointments in our lives.

January 27th 2012 - Dear Ones,

We know that your life has its ups and downs. There can be things which cause you disappointment and let you down. Perhaps a person you relied on or a situation you were hopeful for doesn’t come through as you expected.

This week become more mindful of how you react when life fails to meet your expectations, whatever they may be. It’s a good time to look at your expectations of others. What does it really mean when those expectations are not met?

The natural reaction to being disappointed or let down can be to take it as a personal attack from the other person against you or feel that maybe that God is out to get you or punishing you. This way of thinking about the events in your life, can be very limiting and cause you undue suffering.

Try to accept each moment as it comes without grasping onto an outcome or letting your expectations get in your way. Allow yourself to surrender more and more to the synchronous flow of your life.

One of the bigger spiritual keys this year is to learn to be more mentally flexible. Your energy is powerful but if your way of conscious and subconscious thinking expects the worst, then that is what you may indeed receive.

Mental flexibility isn’t so much about your overall intelligence but allowing yourself to think more flexibly about whatever is occurring in your life. You may ask or set your intention for certain things to manifest from the universe but if you judge the way or manner that it returns to you then you will be unhappy. There is great freedom in learning to let go of your rigid expectations and accept each moment as is arises.

So this week pay more attention to how your expectations can get in the way of the positive flow of energy in your life and just allow the creation process to unfold around you. Know we are supporting your growth, hold you in divine love and are with you every step of the way.

Until next week dear ones,
We are the Seraphim

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