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Angel Message for the Week of Jan 13-20
The Seraphim Angels share a beautiful, empowering message

January 13th 2012 - Dear Ones,

Stretch yourself this week oh children of the earth. Move yourself into direct alignment with your greater purpose. Stop for a moment, pausing to feel your spirit as it occupies your body. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Though many mistakenly believe it is the other way around.

Your fears come from your belief that you are inadequate and will ultimately fail in life. This is the greatest illusion in your world. Yet, you are actually a divine spiritual being with the infinite ability to create and manifest. You are powerful beyond measure. AND If that is ultimately true, then there is nothing you can possibly do to be unsuccessful, there is no failure—ONLY learning experiences as you flow through your life.

This is the year to allow these illusions to crumble all around you into nothingness. There is chaos in the world which is natural when a dramatic and pivotal change begins to occur in any living system. The human landscape has been shifting rapidly for many years to arrive where you are right now.

For a while now, we know that many, many of you have seen it, felt it and expressed it to others you care about. At this very moment, if you take a look around you in silence, you may see that everything seems somehow different, maybe a quality so subtle that you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Your light has already had a powerful affect on this awakening and changing process. You must believe in the whole you now: SPIRIT, MIND and BODY. You are better than you think you are and more capable than you can imagine.

You have people who love you, angels that guide you and an inner strength like no other. Do not be afraid of the unknown or where you will end up on your journey. Learn to just BE. Learn to see your greatness reflected to you in the eyes of others.

In addition to all these things we wish to share with you this week, don’t forget to breathe more deeply, laugh more often and take care of you.

Until next week dear ones,
We Are The Seraphim

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