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Angel Message for Week Jan 7- Jan 13
Special message from the Seraphim Angels about how to navigate the upcoming week!

January 07th 2012 - Dear Ones,

This week will be one of self-discovery if you are mindful of those times when you have self-doubt or uncertainty enter your mind. Transform those moments to a renewed faith in you and your amazing capabilities. You might ask how to take the energy of doubt and turn it into faith and hope.

To have such thoughts is a part of the human experience but most people do not realize that when you catch these moments as they are happening you have the power to change those thoughts into something else. Instead of chastising yourself for having a negative thought. Imagine what you can change or transform the thought into.

For example, you think, “I’m never going to succeed at this.” You can change that thought to, “I acknowledge that I have fear of this outcome but I know I am fully capable and empower myself to move forward.” Changing these types of thoughts can create a wellspring of new energies moving into your life.

Because this year is a powerful one, we ask that you tend to your thoughts like that of a gardener watching over their seedlings. Every thought you have is a type of energy that you are putting into the world. If you understand this flow of creation, it will serve you well this week.

The movement of energy this week will flow easier for you which is great news. We know there have been many energetic shifts in the past few weeks that have greatly affected your world and this has caused some disruption and anxiety. Now that flow of divine light is moving much easier, you fill feel more balanced and certain.

Take time for play this week and celebrate the authentic you. Share yourself with others more and open to greater communication in your life. Your truth is always important and speaking your truth greatly contributes to the whole.

For those of you wishing to open to greater communication with us this week, we invite you to take some quiet time for deep breathing and opening your heart to receive our assistance now.

Until next week dear ones,
We are the Seraphim

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