Can I? I Can
What do we do when our mind asks us "Can I do this?" Why not say "I can".

January 02nd 2012 - I was doing a reading with a client that has been going through a lot of changes recently. The "she has a lot on her plate" phrase wouldn't even begin to cover what she was dealing with this past year and what's coming up for her.

As we were talking about the new exciting (but to her scary) challenges and changes that are coming up for her, she said, "I ask myself all the time, 'Can I do this?'."

I said to her, "Instead of saying 'Can I do this?’ tell yourself 'I can do this.' Just switch those two words around and tell yourself you can."

I know it seems simple to just change that question into a statement and switch those two words around. What kind of impact happens when we do that? Instead of questioning ourselves constantly and creating that uncomfortable nervous feeling inside, we take control of the situation and make a declaration.

It is in our nature to question, especially those situations that we have no control or foresight into until we get there. Our minds are doing their very best to protect us by creating these questions. Why would our minds do this?

The mind has a "flight or fight" mechanism that I'm sure you've heard of before. This mechanism is very useful in life or death situations - do we get away or have to fight? The adrenaline kicks in and we make that choice quickly.

However, the mind uses this same mechanism in situations that we are unsure of and afraid of, whether life threatening or not. The mind understands the fear and then kicks into "fight or flight" immediately. It asks us questions like "Is that a good idea?" or "Should you be doing that?” The mind is just doing its job by bringing awareness to this situation and trying to shield you from failure, embarrassment, despair, sadness and more.

In doing so, however, it has triggered in us doubt and fear of situations that are actually good for us. The chance to take risks, try something new, seize opportunities and make our lives better is going to be challenging, no doubt. However, if we don't push ourselves out of our comfort zone, we're never going to be comfortable. Our souls will keep crying out for us to live the life what we are destined for and we'll always be out of balance.

Remember, the mind is not conditioned to show you the other side that holds accomplishment, achievement, happiness, triumph and more. We have to help the mind process both sides of a situation so we can see the pitfalls but also the progress. It's a much more powerful place to make decisions because, when we see situations with caution and encouragement, we are in a much better place to handle what comes our way while busting through those boundaries.

Thank the mind for the work it's trying to do, it's trying to keep us safe based on where we are right now. We know that the future is going to bring us to a different place and each step is a change to change. The mind may project one outcome based from the fear but there are hundreds of other possibilities, many which we can't comprehend because we're focused on one result.

So change the "Can I do this?" to "I can do this", even if you don't believe it at first. Keep repeating it because your mind wants to grab those positive thoughts. It will become easier to say and believe. Can you? Of course you can.

~Copyright 2012, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl) ~

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