Maiden, Mother, Crone: Gardens of the Sisterhood
In troubling times, the garden welcomes you to the age old mystery of symbolic fertility, growth and wisdom of the land. Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood, the journey of maiden, mother, crone.

October 26th 2012 - In my journey through the stages of maiden, mother and crone, I have always expressed my spirit through lush windows of plants, and the gardens around me.


In the name of the garden, in the name of spiritual meditation sanctuaries, in the name of rest and a place to cry, in the name of spirit circles, walks on pathways of herbs and spiritual order, I create gardens. It is my hope through my many photographs of mystical spirit gardens, the deeper message they convey will bring inspiration, and you too will join the Gardens of the Sisterhood.

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As a little girl I watched my mother float through the flowers as if in a trance, escaping her work, bills and husband through the design of her paint-by-spirit gardens. Because she wanted this escape for me, in a bonding of the “planting of the seed” she brought a deep mystical union with the earth. Whether in lush apartment windows, out door shade and sun, or the eave of a spiritual shop, I learned to appreciate a beautiful display of plants as “Art”.


As a mother I became passionate about teaching my child the beauty of walking pathways of fragrant herbs and flowers. It was not enough to escape through the garden when feeling broken or in need of guidance. I wanted to pass the art of being a steward of the earth. Gardens have no preference of social income. Rich or poor, one’s essence can be defined in the garden. As a mother I watched my child play surrounded by heady botanical aromas, toes in the snow peas.


Gone is the twisted gnarled image of grandmothers. We teach a new wisdom, that facial lines are the hieroglyphics of ones life story, and that the vase they adorn need not be unfit. Through exercise, wholesome food and spirituality, the crone shares a new wisdom. She teaches life lessons, shares interesting stories and in her bouts of expected aches she can tell her journey through the garden with art. “Less is more” can be the beauty of a sculpture surrounded by simple daises, or trellis fairy huts filled with bells and crystals for dreamy children.

Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood.

In troubling times, the garden welcomes you to the age old mystery of symbolic fertility, growth and wisdom of the land. Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood, a celebration of the maiden, mother and crone.

About the Author: Ann Marie O’Dell

Intuitive, Healer, Minister, Achieve Radio Host
It all started with a 500 lb cement angel brought in on a boom truck. With tarot, crystals and a shovel Ann Marie entered into the spirit realm of garden design. Suddenly amazing women paraded into her life, all with unique magical gardens. As the proprietor of an unusual metaphysical tea house in Iowa, Ann’s half acre of mystical fairy gardens are the back bone of her Intuitive Light Work. Be a part of a most amazing group of earth energy women, the “Gardens of the Sisterhood.”

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