Eyes Open......Wide Awake
An inside look at Hypnotherapy

January 22nd 2016 - Eyes Open…..Wide Awake
By Betsie H. Poinsett, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Eyes Open, Wide Awake………those words are the mantra of the hypnotherapist. As I watch my clients slowly open their eyes many of them say, “No, don’t wake me up, I want to stay in this wonderful deep state much longer.” I always laugh and tell them that is what every client wants to do – stay in that altered state for as long as possible.

I think back to the hundreds of cases I have facilitated, one client told me that a session with me was the equivalent of seven massages. I was most honored that he felt that way. Another wanted to meet her Spirit Guides and find out their names. I didn't even know my guide's name, so the night before her session, I put myself into a state of Self-Hypnosis where I discovered my guide is named:“Mordecai!.” Mordecai, I said in disbelief, what a weird name. Can't I have a guide named Michael, or Gabriel? Then I researched Mordecai and found that he was a very very special biblical figure and I was quite honored to have him as a guide. The next day my client met one of her guides – a female named Gladys, who shared a lot of information that helped us understand the soul contract she had chosen for this lifetime. Introducing people to their angels and guides is one of my favorite things to do in a session.

Other sessions are for more “earthly” issues: Passing Bar Exams, Real Estate Tests, High School Equivalency Tests (GED). Healing health issues such as pain, recovering from surgery, lowering blood pressure, and even childbirth.

I'm like a detective listening to every aspect of a client's presenting problem and then finding the deep core of the issue for healing. It seems to be my calling. I can remember as a young girl I was always curious about hypnosis. Recently I had my astrology chart done and right there in the chart it shows that I was BORN to be a hypnotherapist. It was wonderful to have this validation and confirms why I feel so energized after every session. I get just as much out of it as the client.

Hypnosis is not a game or a parlor trick. Working with the subconscious mind should be taken very seriously. It is 88% of our mind power, the “search engine” of all our beliefs and patterns. The conscious mind represents our logic and reasoning (willpower) and is only 12% of our mind power. Only a highly trained hypnotherapist should be trusted with helping people change these patterns. Always ask questions about a hypnotherapist's training. My most recent client called me on the phone just to “feel my energy” and hear my voice before she decided to make an appointment. I thought that was very wise. Everyone should use their discernment in choosing a hypnotherapist– not everyone has compatible energy.

Now remember, as we count upward from 0 to 5, you will find yourself feeling physically relaxed, emotionally calm and with a positive sense of well being. Eyes Open and Wide Awake, Wide Wide Awake.

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