Laws of Perception
It is said that our perceptions determine our experience. But is there a broader view by which we may access and express spiritual empowerment? This time of awakening provides options like never before! However, if you've been sputtering along, put some real, 5th dimensional horsepower into your life!!! as Orrin elaborates upon the Laws of Perception.

October 06th 2011 - Jaraan: Orrin, it's often said that, "It's all a matter of perspective." Would you elaborate on the significance of this?

Orrin: Certainly! This is a broad topic with many interconnecting facets. Let's start with the perspective that Consciousness Itself is much like the atmosphere of your world. It contains many currents flowing in various directions simultaneously. You may have observed how clouds at one altitude flow one direction while clouds at another altitude appear stationary or flow in a different direction. As navigators of hot air balloons know, to get where you want to go, you must rise to the level where the current is flowing that direction.

We see many people trying to force currents to change or come to them. Mastery doesn't work that way no matter how dilgently you affirm or intend it. Those currents in Consciousness exist as they are for a reason. Human will cannot change them.

However, you can wait until "winds" are favorable. If you believe you are limited to horizontal movement, like a sailboat on the ocean, this can be purposeful, even necessary. However, spiritually speaking, you are not so limited. You are quite capable of vertical movement as well so that change and progress is more immediately available. Those eager to advance in mastery and awakening can and must learn to recognize and accept conditions and flows in Consciousness as they naturally are and cooperate with them. The alternative? Struggle. Frustration. Disappointment. Essentially, further separation from rather than oneness with Source.

Many popular schools of thought today teach progress from a horizontal perspective. Such teachings have their place. However, human 3D ego-based thinking typically assumes that horizontal movement is the only option within that one dimension as the only reality. This is hardly the case. Like a trout in a river, such movement can be vertical to a point though still limited to one rather shallow dimension - the river. However, you know a world exists beyond the river just as I know dimensions exist beyond yours.

A popular example of 3D horizontal thinking is in ways taught to manifest abundance: want more money, manifest a job or career that pays more. Deeper but still 3D, do what you love and the money will follow. Both perspectives are valid in that context, and yet, all the mind tricks in the world won't make you more abundant than you now are no matter what you do. (If that statement feels disheartening, you are experiencing 3D ego interpretations based on conditioned assumptions that prove my point about believing horizontal movement is the only option! And if you felt disheartened, take another look. In reality, what I am saying is both empowering and quite liberating! Can you see it now? Then you just shifted dimensional perspectives!!!) You already are infinite abundanc e! There cannot be more than infinite.

If you seem "stuck," you may try to make changes that you logically think should be possible. When they don't work, you may begin to feel helpless and hopeless. If no path appears despite your efforts, despair becomes more intense. This despair can be camouflaged by a sense of disconnectedness, anxiety, and/or frustration. Sound familiar? There is hope! To transcend this, one must first honestly recognize the nature and limitations of their own horizontal thinking and beliefs and LET THEM GO. Alas, human egos are so accustomed to playing god within this dimension that they don't realize they cannot see the whole multidimensional spectrum of possibilities the way your Soul already does. Like the trout in the river, if you assume without questioning that your world (perspective) is THE world and all there is to it, how could you even suspect there is something more? Well, fortunately you have a guiding Soul that transcends ego perspectives and those such as I to teach you.

What does all this mean? Ah, as we said before there are many interconnecting facets. We are eager to share a comprehensive explanation to those who want to awaken because it is important for you to understand. Knowledge precedes understanding. Humility and open-mindedness precede knowledge. Pain, anxiety, and frustration and other discomforts precede humility and openness. Behind it all is a Soul motivating you to evolve and communicating to Consciousness various ways to bring wisdom to bring to you -- wanting you to listen, hoping you will hear.

To start: if you feel "stuck" consider that the real solution isn't found before, beside, below, or behind but ABOVE you ("you" meaning "your current reference point, interpretation, or perspective of yourself"). Rather than being troubled by what you don't know and can't seem to change, and thus struggle even harder only to become more anxious, confused, or disheartened... at least be willing to: Relax (into your Self)! Trust (that you are guided)! Surrender (your current perspective)! Listen to your Spirit (revealing new and different possibilities)! Then follow the inspired guidance that naturally arises.

Want to know an esoteric secret?! The inspiration or solution from your Spirit will apply to who/where you actually are and are meant to be (from your Soul's perspective), NOT to who/where you think you are or should be (from your ego perspective). As such, it may not seem logical when compared to current or past ego/intellectual perspectives. That "illogical" inspiration you get is a good sign. But if hesitant, then consider this: if the "logical" things you've tried aren't as effective as you hoped, isn't something "illogical" worth considering?

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