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See the world with your heart, not your eyes... Cultivating important qualities that will help us approach 2012
How do we cultivate important personal qualities that will help us approach 2012?

August 04th 2016 - With our world seemingly plunged in chaos lately, it can leave us wondering what our role could possibly be in all of the many changes we are faced with in our lives. How can we make the world a better place? What can one person do against such insurmountable odds? As I sat down to write an article, I realized that navigating life right now for so many may be very difficult, more difficult than it has ever been.

So how do we take care of ourselves during such shifting times? Everyone is of course heavily anticipating the approach of 2012 and there are many out there propagating the fears of an "end of days" scenario. Others believe it is an opportunity to begin a new era. We’ve learned over the past decades that our thoughts are powerful things and that simply put "like attracts like" so what is the best course overall for ourselves, our families and the world we live in?

Back in 2009, myself and a small group of others witnessed a rare event and had the opportunity to hear wisdom from one of the earth's indigenous grandfather's who was once alive over 5,000 years ago. His message was clear and concise and resonated with all people present that evening.

A time of great change is coming for all of you. You must return to the earth mother. Create harmony in all you do and share love with all your brothers and sisters on this planet. Most of all, you MUST see the world with your heart. Your human eyes see only illusions and things that are not real. If you learn to see with your heart you will be unaffected by the changes that are coming.

What exactly did he mean: "see the world with our heart and not our eyes?"

Our eyes see the world around us in a variety of ways: form, color, shades, shapes, and so on. That visual information is then put into context or association with other information and then shaped by our ego which then attaches a meaning that is based on our previous experiences. This means that we often filter out other information that on an individual basis may be deemed unimportant to a person. So no two people see the world at the same moment in exactly the same way. So if you think about it, the world is full of a myriad of different realities and definitions of what is currently happening.

When we see the world with our heart, life is full of many more possibilities. We can view what we experience through compassion, hope and understanding. Our heart can guide us to see the events of this world with a new view. We can choose to see infinite potential rather than anything which limits our perception. The more narrowed our point of view, the more wonderful potentials we filter out of reality.

We are challenged every day not to see what happens with only our human eyes. This capability will be crucial as we approach the coming years. This will allow us to create whatever we want our future to be. Which future will be chosen by those of us who are seeking a brighter future than what currently appears to be happening?

Over 5,000 years ago, there were many indigenous cultures that merely seem to disappear from this planet. Yet, in the collective of our experience as human beings, their wisdom and knowledge is here with us yet today.

Our modern world holds many fears, while offering the greatest technological advances we've ever achieved as a people. While we love our cell phones, internet and other things that make our life easier, we have to consider that with everything we've achieved we may have left behind us, too many important truths that were known by the elders of our world.

Many teachers advocate the ability to live in the present moment rather than the past or fraught with worries about the future. While living largely in the NOW, we have the greatest capability to see the world clearly with our hearts. How much of our day can be spent completely devoid of the now? How many times do we worry about the future or a repeat of the past only to miss the most important quality of our lives?

We must learn to live in the now, choose new possibilities and embrace a positive future in order to have a life of happiness and joy. This is inherently what we all deserve in our life but seldom have due to whatever is brought into our experience that creates challenge or adversity.

While on my own path, I've learned some jewels that have helped me incorporate living in the present much more and to see the world as my heart sees it.

Here are some suggestions for making this important shift in our daily lives:

1. Be mindful of our thoughts.
Our thoughts can reveal whatever may be limiting our experience of life. Always remember that thoughts can be changed to anything we desire. Don't judge a negative thought, simply challenge it and chose to see life in a different way.

2. Resolve anything that is not in balance.
We can often avoid taking care of things that we need to or finding peace and healing with our past. If we do not take care of these things, they will filter into our present and limit our lives and what may be possible in the future.

3. Acceptance of ourselves and life.
Most of our emotional suffering is created when we reject our experiences, which ultimately is self-rejection. We don't have to necessarily like what is happening and can have our truth and express it. But if we do not accept the present moment, we are living in the past.

4. Challenge our point of view.
The way we see our life may be broad and open but we can always expand our view. If the view of life is open and expansive, we can feel our divine connection in all we do. If we believe that our view is a big as it gets, then we are not open for even more that can happen for us.

5. Strive to bring ourselves back to the present moment.
Throughout our day, many external things: the news media, other people's fear and other such influences can make us worry about our future moments. Whenever we experience fear or anxiety about tomorrow’s potential events, simply breathe deep and return to the NOW.

6. See our true nature as divine beings.
There are many things in our world that we believe, some of which are not true and many of which cannot be seen. Knowing and feeling the potential that lies in our divine nature will empower us to realize we can have a future without the chaos and that we are capable of creating a reality much different than what our eyes are seeing.

It is true that we are now faced with a crucial moment in time. Many ask me my thoughts on 2012 and what all of this means. I am challenged in my response to those who are fearful about the future. I truly believe that if we see the world with our heart, we will overcome insurmountable odds. I believe it our choice what tomorrow brings.

Even when we are faced with many factors that seem to be beyond our control, we can steer ourselves toward a peaceful future. Many may feel that I am a dreamer of sorts but I have seen the immense impact in my own life of our inherent spiritual nature. I have seen illusions be quashed with compassion and love. I have seen paths shift quickly with choosing to see the world in a different way.

We must cultivate compassion, let go of non-acceptance, see the truth in life and accept abundantly the gifts available for each of us. Those who choose fear in the coming months will only see destruction and little hope for life as we know it. Those who choose the way of the heart may see that many others feel this way about life and our world.

The elders of our world are here and encouraging us to bring hope to the world, not anger and devastation. They teach us about living in harmony with this planet and returning ourselves to a simpler time of synergy with creation. All these things can seem out of reach for us as individuals but that is not a truth I choose at this time. Do not be fooled by your eyes or even your ears in the coming months. There is much out of sight that is truly present all around us. We must use our gifts more and more to lift the veils of illusion so that we can see the real path toward our future.

We will need to rely on not only ourselves but each other to create a new world. The future is full of other possibilities that are not based on the fear or anxiety that seems present all around us.

What will you choose?

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