Find Your Animal Totem
Finding your animal totem can add power and support to your life.

January 22nd 2016 - you see one animal over and over again? Nature totems -- especially animals -- are symbols of specific kinds of energy we are manifesting and aligning with in our life. The characteristics and activities of these totems will reveal much about our own innate powers and abilities. By studying the totem and then learning to merge with it, we are able to call upon its archetypal energy whenever needed. You can learn much about the kind of energies you are most likely to confront and those you are most able to manifest within your own day-to-day life circumstances. You will learn how to draw upon those energies in dealing with life situtations.

We all have an animal totem that travels with us throughout our lives. New totems appear to help us in our life adventures. Take a sacred journey to find your totem...your helper. We can call on them to help us in any situation - relationships, work, healing. Betsie will guide you through a magical session to introduce you to the Animal Totem that wants to help you with these issues. The private session starts with your intention - what area do you want to work on? Then you will journey over a rainbow bridge to find your totem. You will understand that as you claim your own power and learn to work in all realms, the paths in all walks of life become cleared and more easily managed.

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