Past Life Healing
Heal current problems in a Past Life Session

January 22nd 2016 - Are you experiencing a problem that just won't go away? An unruly child, health issues that won't heal, fighting with a spouse, you hate your boss? If you have tried to heal these issues and nothing has helped, I believe it is because they are a direct result of a Past Life problem that was never resolved from life time to life time.

In my Past Life Sessions, I have learned that there is usually one person in each family who has contracted to take off these deep karmic wounds. Some call them Indigo Children, Lightworkers, StarSeeds, etc. They chose the family to come into as a contract to heal back all generations and what a HUGE contract we have taken on. We don't even realize how powerful we really are!

My Past Life Sessions have changed over the years. At first it was fun to take people back to find out who they were --- a queen, a slave, a witch, a pirate or just a lowly farm hand. Then things got more serious. We are ascending at such a rapid rate, that my own experience showed me that this is the life time to end karma. That is why almost everyone I know has had problem after problem to be solved in this life. That is because everything that was not healed in other lifetimes has all come forward to be healed in this one.

So now my sessions are designed to introduce you to your angels and guides, then they take you back to the lifetime or situation that needs to be healed. A ceremony is performed to accomplish what we call a "change history" this creates a healing outcome and then all the generations are healed. It's like a domino effect. I have seen all the generations literally lined up waiting for this moment so that you can all be free. They have been waiting lifetimes for this, in the past they did not have the tools to be able to accomplish this release. It is a deep honor to be chosen for this ceremony. Your ancestors are waiting....will you step up to the task?

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