Spirit Babies
This article details my own experiences with Spirit Babies, which are the spirits of unborn children. In my personal life and in my therapy practice(14 years)Spirit Babies have appeared.

July 06th 2011 - Spirit Babies
As most mothers understand, it is possible to communicate with the unborn child.
As an intuitive, I have developed this ability in order to help apparently infertile couples achieve their goal. They are helped to connect with the spirit of the child who was lost to them. Many of my clients are couples who have lost one or more pregnancies.
It would be hard to pinpoint when I became aware of spirit babies. My older brother died at the age of one month; I was born 9 months later. I know that my parents, who praised birth control, would not have otherwise had two children so close together.
All of us have a guide when we are born to help us through the transition from the spirit world, in which babies commune with their guides, to the rather scary plane in which we live, where so many lose touch with their true being as spirit. It was my older brother, on the other side, who stayed with me throughout my time in utero and then was there to be my guide as I entered this world. When I gave birth to my first son 28 years later, I recognized him. I owed him a life and I had paid it back.
My son and his wife had great difficulty conceiving. I knew from the time they started using fertility clinics that there was no need for concern. I started buying them baby girl clothes years before their daughter was born and giving them to my daughter-in-law saying I “had a feeling” they would be having a girl. Actually it was much stronger than that-it was knowledge that there was a soul with whom they had strong past karma who would be their daughter, but she was still incarnate at the time, therefore not available. I did not think my daughter-in-law, with her own beliefs, would hear that explanation. After four years of their trying fertility treatments with no luck, they decided to take a break. I was able to tell my son,” Your daughter is waiting for you and you will have her next year.” She was born 9 months later and is the joy of both their lives.
I have been seeing clients for Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Intuitive work for 14 years. In that time, before I became specifically interested in Spirit Baby work, some instances of that work came up all the same.
One client came in for Reiki. She used a wheelchair because many years before she had had a very rare and unexplained bleeding in her abdominal area (doctors had only heard of 3 or 4 cases in the world) which resulted in paralysis below the waist. She had children from her second marriage before this occurred.
When working with Mary (all names changed)I became aware of a Spirit Baby in her energy field. This daughter wanted desperately to be a part of her mother’s life. She had set it as her life’s task to be a help to her mother all her life. Decades had passed and she was still waiting to be acknowledged.
I told my client about what I detected and she told me that she had had an abortion many years before, as her first husband did not want children. Under the circumstances, she never did her grief work. She divored, remarried, had her children, then out of the blue, as it were, the medical emergency occurred.
From my point of view as a Reiki Master, the sacral chakra had a massive reaction to the unprocessed grief. More to the point, many years after both occurrences, her unborn daughter still wanted to connect with my client. Mary was willing to do that, and asked me what her daughter would have looked like. I could see the Spirit Baby in my mind’s eye, manifesting as a lovely, delicate-featured pre-pubescent child with a very sad expression.
In another situation, a family member was old and ill, ready to go. She had previously encouraged her grandson and his wife to have a second child, and had called her grand-daughter- in- law “little mother.”
I had a dream in which a dried-up husk of a queen bee had a beautiful new young queen bee coming out of it. The message seemed clear- Pauline was ready to go but would soon be coming back. As it turned out , it was the night of Pauline’s passing.
I had a little plant which I had rescued from the clearance shelf at the supermarket but I could not convince it to bloom. One morning a few months after my dream, the plant suddenly burst into a profusion of exuberant pink blooms. Another message about new life from the spirit world. Pauline’s great grand-daughter was born that day.
All family members- brother, aunts, great-aunts- noticed the startling ways in which the new baby resembled Pauline. She was very picky about clothes, especially shoes, and chose her own outfits as soon as she could talk. At the age of six months, when first introduced to a baby-sized rocking chair, she immediately pressed down on the arms to make it go.(Pauline had loved her rocking chair.) On one occasion the 2-year-old child said, ”Help me do my buttons. When I was huge I knew how to do it, but my little hands can’t do it yet.”
I believe that Pauline knew that she was preparing the way for her return, that the Spirit Baby sent messages, and that the child remembered some of her past life.
One of my intuitive visions, years before I became a healer, included a great many little babies being cared for my angels as they waited to be born.
Before birth, babies are undoubtedly aware of their mothers’ and fathers’ thoughts and feelings. They are in the spirit realm, therefore less restricted than most incarnated humans in their field of knowing.
A client came to see me wanting to understand more about her birth mother. She knew that she had been abandoned in a temple and adopted by a woman who was emotionally abusive to her. Sara wanted to know whether her birth mother had loved her.
I regressed Sara to her life in utero. She found that her mother loved her very deeply, but knew she would not be allowed to raise her as the baby was conceived out of wedlock. When asked in hypnosis what had happened to her father, the mother said that she thought he had loved her, but he had abandoned her when she became pregnant. Sara’s mother intended to give birth, leave her baby in a safe place, and then drown herself in Lake Tanganyika.
Sara told me after emerging from trance that when returning to her homeland by plane as an adult, she was overcome by hysterical weeping as she flew over Lake Tanganyika. She had no idea why and the stewardess had a hard time calming her down. Now she understood that in utero she had understood her mother’s state of mind and intention to drown herself, and she was reliving her mother’s grief.
Another client came to see me wondering why at her core she felt a great and overwhelming sadness that often made her fearful of undertaking new things.
I regressed her to in-utero, where she started saying, “My son is dying, my son is dying” over and over.
When Dierdre emerged from trance she told me that her older brother had died of cancer while her mother was pregnant. Although this had been told to her in passing, she had no idea about how it had obviously affected her whole life, being privy to her mother’s sad thoughts before she was even born.
Recently I started taking courses in Fertility Hypnosis and seeing clients who had lost 2 or more pregnancies and wanted to know what was going on,
In all cases I worked with, the same soul was returning to them in each pregnancy, but backed out for various reasons. In one case there had been two bodies with disabilities, and the soul had not built that into its life task, so was waiting for a healthy body. In two cases the spirit had passed in a previous life as a child, and wanted reassurance that the parents could provide a safe place for it to grow up. In all cases the spirit had a particular reason to choose the parents, such as an affinity for similar things (e.g. dancing), belonging to the same culture, or having had past karma (for example, being a sister to the future mother in a previous life.)
In all cases the spirit baby gave identifying material to the prospective parents (such as the name of the mother’s birth city) which served to let the parents know that in fact their future child was communicating with them. Sometimes the spirit baby specifically wanted to be called in-that is, for the mother to say that she would love him unconditionally despite understanding that he would or might come with serious issues. Just as a spirit baby may decide to stay on this plane despite unplanned- for handicaps (such as being blinded by oxygen in the incubator due to premature birth)-that child may also decide, with the help of the guides which are still with him for a time after birth, to stay and make adjustments to the life tasks he had planned on, or to pass back to the spirit world. In the same way parents who are informed as to the issues-to the extent that the spirit baby wishes to share them-may choose to say yes or no to this challenge.
The child chooses the parent or parents, unless all have made this decision on the other side together. This may not be possible if all parties are not on the other side together.
We choose our life lessons, who we will meet, our parents, and our life tasks, on the other side. I am grateful for the gift of being able to help parents connect with their Spirit Babies.
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