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DNA Light Portal Seminar July 25
Your are the New Humanity

June 25th 2011 - For information and registration call area KRYON host, Marie DeMaria 630-567-3300
Sept 25 12-6:30pm $75 advance purchase $85 at the door
Holiday Inn, 495 Airport Rd, Elgin, Il 60123 (*Lee Carroll will not be present at this event, but Kryon will!)
Lee Carroll will not be present at this event
ƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnƒnAT THE 2012 GATEWAY ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO!
KRYON team member, Amber Wolf, PhD, returns to the Chicago area with cutting edge information! Your DNA is ready for living as the new UNIVERSAL HUMAN. Pre-programmed to make this evolutionary leap, live your human life fully realized as a Spiritual Being¡K all in the healing presence of angelic *KRYON energy; invoked and activated on this special day for your transformation.

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Algonquin , IL 60102
United States
Amber Wolf