Fertility Hypnosis
How hypnopsis can help a client become pregnant.

June 19th 2011 - FERTILITY

Hypnosis is well recognized for its effectiveness in smoking cessation, weight control, stress release, and general habit changing. Interestingly, some of these same issues pose the biggest threats to fertility.

In fertility work the goal is to attain personal empowerment, which will let nature take its course through inner peace, and the ability to accept, appreciate and embrace life.

About one in six couples is infertile. The success rate for those who undergo high-tech procedures is about 24% after IVF. To boost the success rate women are choosing complementary treatments such as Hypnosis and Reiki, which studies have shown can improve the odds to 45-65%
As a certified Hypnotist(National Guild of Hypnotists) with advanced training in Fertility Hypnosis, I suggest about 10 sessions. Those seeking hypnotherapy as a complement to IVF, for example, are enhancing their success potential for an extra cost which represents a drop in the bucket. Those wishing to conceive naturally are looking at a small fraction of the cost of IVF($10,000-$15,000) and are learning a skill which will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Stress and a lack of confidence tend to be the top culprits that must be addressed when working with client for fertility. Hypnotherapy reduces stress and increases confidence, instilling a sense of control, which maximizes chances of conceiving naturally and/or increases the success of medical assistance.

Hypnosis affects the hypothalamus, the neural centre at the base of the brain linked to the pituitary gland, and controls the flow of hormones in the body. Unresolved issues about having a baby can be removed with counseling and hypnotherapy.

It has been stated that the stress of infertility is equal to that of cancer , divorce or other traumatic events. The hypnothalamus. which controls hormone production, is affected by stress; specifically, the hormones affecting the monthly release of the ovum, and preparation of the uterine lining for implanatation, are likely to be affected. One of the most common tests for infertility, the Follicle Stimulating Hormone test, is taken as indiciative of infertilty if the score is over ten. A woman who has already had a hard time getting pregnant, and is tense about the possible "sentence of infertility" that may be given to her by an authority figure, is unlikely to be calm and relaxed...which in many cases would lead to a truer , and lower, FSH reading.

The function of hypnotherapy is to relax the person and address subconscious barriers to conception. Everyone understands that stress can cause skin rashes, headaches, and even heart attacks. If the body is under stress, the sympathehetic nervous system prepares us for fight or flight,which is totally imcompatible with preparation for reproduction.

However, it is more complicated than this. The reasons why a woman may shut down(not ovulate, or not prepare a suitable uterine lining to maintain a pregnancy) may have much more to do with factors from many years ago-messages she received and believed about her own fertility or perhaps fitness to be a mother. Messages like "all the women in my family have difficulty conceiving" can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are not a brain with a body attached. Every cell responds to the messages which we believe to be true. Many of them are detrimental, but because they operate at a subconscious level, they can only be addressed at a subconscious level. A woman who has had a miscarriage or abortion or has given a baby up for adoption, or has undergone other sorts of trauma, may have difficulty conceiving because emotional healing has not yet occured.

On average, a women wih a diagnosis of infertily has a 24% chance of pregancy after IVF . When this method is supplemented by hypnotherapy, acupuncture, Reiki, or other body- mind methods (preferably in combination) the stats rise to 45-65 % take-home babies.

Why the huge disparity? Because in fact many of the women diagnosed with" unexplained fertility" have a perfectly good reason fo being infertile...their bodies are under so much stress(often due to issues in the past, not present) that the fertility switch, operated by the hypnothalamus, is virtually always in the off position.

It is a truism that many couples who give up on fertility procedures and adopt suddenly become pregnant. That's because the pressure is off and they can finally relax.

It would probably make a lot for sense for most couples to use about 10 sessions of body-mind work, at a fraction of the cost of medical procedures, to increase their chances of having a baby naturally. This can be done before, concurrent with or after allopathic procedures such as IVF.

I use Reiki energy healing in combination with hypnotherapy to address subconscious issues. I have also been trained in counselling. Sometimes I use Aromatherapy to help achieve desirable emotional states. As every couple is unique, the sessions are tailored to individual needs.

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