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Navigating the shift...June to August 2011
The biggest quantum shift in energy is heading our way. Learn what the next few months is all about!

June 21st 2011 - If you have been feeling as though “something” is really going on for you but the information about it seems “just out of reach” then you are most likely in tune with an ongoing process we are all in the midst of right now that will peak in August of this year.

Much of the known world is focused on the chaos erupting all around us. Many see the process of the earth mother cleansing, events worldwide and the upcoming date of December 21, 2012 as the biblical End of Days. While it is NOT the End of Days scenario playing out right now, the world as we know it is shifting and evolving, indeed a death of the old ways with a rebirth of the new…

In the grand style of our world based on polarity, while others are preparing for the ultimate worst, there are huge groups of people unplugging from the matrixes of fear and doom to step outside of it. Many of you already are awakening to new paths and choices and everyone else now has the opportunity to choose a different path embracing the new world that is now unfolding.

June Energies Specifically:
June is about dismantling the old. Let go of control or outcomes this month and trust the process unfolding around you. Try not to assume the meaning in whatever transpires. Try to suspend the human tendency to “fill in the blanks” or personalize the behavior of other people in your life. Tying up loose ends is important this month. Are there situations hanging in your life that need resolution? If there are, taking action now in June will prevent them from erupting in July whether you want them to or not. June is about healing and completion. Self-care is very important! Being gentle with yourself now and allow more space/time for rest, relaxation and renewal. This will be key to stay in synch with many energetic changes that are happening now.

July Energies Specifically:
July is about seeing our truth, our real natures. Who are you? Why are you here? Where did you come from? These are all important questions for each of us now. This world is full of illusions that are based on our fears and unique issues. When you look in the mirror, do you see a human being or an evolving spiritual being, or both? We often can see the divine, compassionate light in others as worthy to cultivate but we can shrink away from our light and powerful heart. Seeing yourself outside of this 3D experience is paramount in July. This will allow you to open to receive wisdom, nourishment and other benefits from the universe as you ease into the changing energy.

Our physical bodies will shift this month (that began in June), so listen to your body. If you normally consume something during a meal or snack and now find you feel ill for the first time, don’t keep eating it. You may get that back later as a food, but omit for now. This shift is moving your body into harmony with the new frequencies so a healthy and happy physical vessel will help support that. Note: If you find you have more cravings for refined sugar and other things that diminish your energy, then explore what emotional hole you may be trying to fill inappropriately with food or other things.

August Energies Specifically:
You can visualize the shift in August as the 3D Grid of the Akashic Field getting a boost from a mirror grid created out of 5th dimensional energies by many lightworkers, angels, arcturians etc that will finally anchor the 5th into the 3rd. These two structures aligning together (clicking into place) is an event unprecedented in our human history and will begin to drop the illusionary veils that keep us from seeing our truth. It will allow those who wish to see ultimate reality to look beyond what is commonly in front of us or can distract us in this world.

This infusion of energy will be the biggest wave we have ever experienced so adjustment to these new frequencies will follow into September and October. You will be integrating this wave for quite some time.

During this process from June to October, you may experience common ascension-related symptoms as you align with the new 5D grid, such as:
•Excessive fatigue
•Sleeplessness or waking at the same time every night (generally between 3-4am),
•Dizziness or being light-headed
•Ringing in ears or ears roaring
•Vivid Dreaming
•Waking dreams
•Hearing voices (guides, angels or other beings communicating with you)

Any of these are just a part of your adjustment and alignment with new energies and will pass fairly quickly. Just know they are a part of your own process as we collectively shift this planet and embrace our full potential as beings of light.

The bottom line for navigating this shift: love yourself more, take care of yourself and embrace who you really are.

In Divine Cosmic Love,
CJ Martes

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