Detox yourself after the Christmas indulgence
We are all prone to over indulging after Christmas, and it is important to recharge yourself as soon as possible after overdoing it. Detox in January is an important step, and can give you a much required boost that can last for the whole year.

November 26th 2011 - Felicity Marsland is the naturopath at Adelaide Natural Health, and specialises in improving digestion through better nutrition and detox programs for the liver and whole body.

Over Christmas we can all over do things, and there is quite often a renewed interest in getting your family and your own body back to a healthier shape – whether it is to look good on the beach or feel more energetic.

The thing about detox diets is unless they contain the right amount and type of food, you may actually feel worse rather than better. How can this be, and how will you know which are effective? Generally, the more extreme the diet appears with ingredients you have never heard of, the more likely you will feel tired, unwell, lots of headaches and especially irritable – all the things you are trying to reduce or eliminate!

A detox diet should be easy to follow and use whole foods, result in you feeling more energetic. You may also need to reduce your intake of refined foods, but this will leave you feeling clean on the inside and inspired enough to keep some of the good habits until next January.

A detox program can range from 4 days to 4 weeks, depending on how thoroughly you intend on cleansing. Typically, it will address the systems of your body involved with filtration and elimination. The more efficiently you filter and remove what your body no longer requires the more energetic you will feel.

Toxins can settle in the joints of the body, so if you are feeling a few aches and pains in the knees, shoulders or hips, a detox is a great place to start. What to look for when assessing liver function and detox needs.

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