Princess or Doormat * Which are You?

March 22nd 2011 -

Jesus did not ask "Am I the son of God?"  Buddha didn't ask "Am I the Enlightened One?Maybe we can take lessons on the effect that quiet confidence has on others. When one assumes they should be given respect amazingly others will do so.  When giving advice, also, showing confidence in ones voice tone is the same as saying "I know what I am talking about."  This has nothing to do with loudness or bragging.

The Doormat Asks ...The Princess Assumes

The doormat asks, "Do you love me?"  "Should I take full responsibility? Should I pay the bill again?"  Inside they sizzle with self pity and resentment.  In abusive relationships the doormat believes being patient for  bad behavior is the way one is loved more. Those that hear the doormat's insecure voice think, "Should we like you?  Should we let you do it all?  Why not let you pay the bill again?"  "Why should we change for you?" 

The Princess never asks "Do you love me?" but assumes she is loved.  The princess never asks if she should do it all, but assumes the task at hand will be shared by all.  The Princess speaks with assurance and composure, thereby commanding silently others treat her with respect.  When the Princess assumes too much she becomes a rude Deva.  The road to being overthrown will follow shortly. 

Spiritual Leaders

Spiritual leaders show kindness through their eyes, smile and works. Most are capable of throwing a tantrum if disrespected.  An example would be Jesus throwing the chicken crates of the merchants selling for profit in the temple.  A leader never asks of others if they believe them to be a leader. They assume leadership and are treated as one.  This will change if they cause harm to their followers.  The best of spiritual leaders respect that leadership must be earned through good works in order to stay in favor.


  •  No matter whether at work or in a relationship, assume that your opinion should be respected.
  • On a date if you are tired of getting stuck with the bill don't assume its your turn again. Smile kindly, fetch your wrap, look at the bill and say, "meet you at the entrance after you've paid."  
  • Remember, an insecure voice says "I probably am wrong and don't know what I'm talking about."
  • Confidence and a lowered voice tone says "I deserve respect, thank you." 
  • Show gratitude, compliments and recognize a job well done in others.
  • Reward with a hand squeeze,  shoulder touch or a smile of confident respect for those that honor you. Respect their boundaries. 
  • Remember common sense must be used at all times. 


Oddly, those that assume they are leaders, are given leadership.  This attitude is one that seems to be born into people, wolf packs and all animals from the start.  BUT  a few very simple behaviors can  turn us from doormats to queens in our own rite. 

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